Happy Days are here again!

Happy Days! Our wedding April 25, 2015

I didn’t realize it was ‘The Day.”  At least, not when I first awoke. Or even in the days preceding, marking time’s relentless movement as ‘The Day’ approached.

I didn’t realize what day it was as I made coffee. Sat and watched the river flow or let Beaumont, the Sheepadoodle, out for his morning rituals.

I didn’t even realize it was the day as I read the news of flooding in British Columbia. At least, not until I saw mention of the town of Langley.

And then I remembered.

This was the day fifteen years ago when two police officers rolled up in a blue and white police car and arrested the man who had promised to love me ’til death do us part, and was actively engaged in making the death part happen.

Langley was near the town where we were ‘hiding out’ as he evaded police and tried to make me vanish.

That’s when I remembered.

And I smiled.

And breathed. Deeply.

This is ‘The Day’ when I was given the miracle of getting my life back.

This is ‘The Day’ when I began to breathe freely again.

Breathing freely was an automatic response to having the yoke of fear and sadness and sorrow and grief lifted from my life by the removal of one person.

Breathing freely was the gift of knowing I no longer needed to be the ‘walking dead’.

I was alive.

What a gift.

Fifteen years ago today I was given the miracle of my life.

Fifteen years ago today, I stopped waiting for death and got busy living again.

I am grateful.

I am joyful.

I am blessed.

Life is good.

Life is an adventure.

Life is a joyful journey of happiness, peace, beauty and Love.

Life is a gift.


11 thoughts on “Happy Days are here again!

  1. LG,
    not meaning to venture into religious territory – but in the ‘born again’ vernacular, happy 15th! … on your way to sweet sixteen

    the hardest work is over, your best work is ahead of you … paint on, write on, live on …


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  3. You are a living example of how life can be renewed when you take over control for yourself and make your own course and arrive at the destination you deserve to reach. Congratulations and to further Mark’s comment happy teenage years! Stay in your PHLOW.

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  4. Louise I had chills the whole time I read, and that photo! Is that you in the middle celebrating? Gorgeous. I got rebaptized after leaving my abusive ex husband (I like ritual and the ocean made sense). Due to some storm the date kept getting pushed out. Long story short the universe had me wash away the past on the very same date, one year to the day, that my divorce had been finalized. Cheers to our freedom.

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    • The photo is from my wedding day — I’m with C.C., his son, daughter and my two daughters. 🙂 It was a beautiful day. And wow! The Universe does have a way of opening up and embracing us in its beauty. Such an amazing story E! Very cool. Hugs. ❤


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