Live with joyful abandon

Remember when you were a child and the sight of a dragonfly in the air brought squeals of laughter and joy?

Remember when the simple act of lying on the grass, staring up at the sky, made your imagination soar?

Remember when?

Life is a journey of creating moments for gathering memories.

Yet, in this fast paced, over-scheduled life so many of us live today, gathering memories is forgotten in the stress of filling every moment with the work of daily living.

Just for today, take a moment, or two or three, to stop and savour. Savour the sounds, the feels, the textures, the look of everything around you.

Take a moment, or two or three, to stop and appreciate all that is around you.

For many of us, living in the city, we forget to hear and see the sights that make our daily lives rich and vibrant. The sound of that bus driving over the bridge. Hear the deep roar of its engine. The rubber of its tires hissing on the pavement.

The laughter of those two people chatting at the corner, waiting for the walk sign to turn green.

The clatter of a baby carriage as a mother pushes her child to daycare, or the store. Where ever she’s going.

The daily sounds and sights around us make up our world. When we separate them from nature, deem them unworthy or unbecoming to our desired state of being, we separate ourselves from the beauty and awe that is the world around us.

Just for today, stop, listen and savour every sound and sight around you.

Find value in all things and treasure the precious beauty of your world.

Create memories worth gathering in everyday things and give in with joyful abandon to the beauty and awe of your life in this moment right now. Live!


12 thoughts on “Live with joyful abandon

    • I am always in awe of your capacity to be in and with nature Mary. Every photo you share demonstrates your incredible ability to see what is — whether photographing two bear cubs crossing the road, or a grill of a broken down old truck, you see beauty everywhere. Thank you for sharing it so generously.


  1. What a coincidence… I just finished writing my own post on savoring the moment and getting started chatting up on my favorite blogs when I found your post. Must be in the air today. 🙂 I could not agree more. So much bliss and joy to be had right around us!

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  2. If we just savour the now, the then and the before just seem to take on the sense of being supporting actors to the act of living in joy and random good that is to be found in the present. The present is a gift… We are blessed to have it right now. Thanks as always Louise. Namaste.


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