What do you do when life is too busy to take time to be present?

Do you struggle with the pace of life? The never-ending flow of moment to moment passing by, filled with lists of things to do, accomplish, finish?

I know I do.

Right now, after having moved into our new home March 12th, I am finally feeling at home in the main areas.

Furniture is where we want it. Some of the paintings are hung. New couch. New pillows. All in place. It feels like home.

Our bedroom is another story.

I have sorted out the boxes, created two big bags of give-away clothes. Moved the stack of paintings from one wall to the other. And there they rest.

Books are stacked in baskets on the floor. Clothes are hung in the closets but there is still that one box of clothes waiting to to be unpacked.

As I said to a friend at dinner last night, I no longer really see ‘the mess’. It’s normalized in my brain and I don’t feel compelled to do anything with it.


Time to breathe into the moment, to create space for my attention to open up to the possibility of creating a beautiful living space in our bedroom so that I can commit to getting done what needs to be done.

Time to celebrate ridding our bedroom of disorder to create harmony and order in our lives.

Because that’s the thing about celebrating the sacredness of simple acts. Tidying up isn’t a grind. It’s a joyful expression of creating harmony.

Getting rid of unwanted bags of clothes isn’t a nuisance. It’s an opportunity to create space for a fresh start.

And, building bookcases and putting books where they belong isn’t a tiring job. It’s a delightful opportunity to spend time with ‘old friends’ remembering sacred passages and special stories.

I have been letting the busy of my life distract me from the sacred nature of everyday moments and simple acts of grace.

I have been giving into the chatter in my mind that would have me believe I’m too tried, overwhelmed, [insert word of choice] to celebrate taking time to do what needs to be done.

Time to make space for diving into the sacred moments of living this one, beautiful life immersed in the joy of creating value in every moment, no matter what I’m doing.

Time to let go of my excuses and awaken to my desire to create beauty all around me.

8 thoughts on “What do you do when life is too busy to take time to be present?”

  1. We are what we repeatedly do.
    We are what we repeatedly do.
    We are what we repeatedly do.
    We are what we repeatedly do.
    We are what we repeatedly do.
    We are what we repeatedly do.

    We really are.

    Some of the discord with ‘being done’, or rather ‘wishing to be done’ with whatever challenges you have so you can return to ‘the harmony’ are a theme I’ve read before in your writing. Have you considered this ‘struggling with the chaos to return to harmony’ is a recurring theme?

    We are what we repeatedly do.

    What is it you want to repeatedly do differently?

    My two cents.



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    1. haha! You crack me up. ‘struggling with the chaos to return to harmony’ is a recurring theme’ — now that is an interesting thought. I”ll have to meditate on that.

      FAlling in and out of awareness is always a challenge! 🙂

      Thanks for your two cents. Worth way more than that methinks!


  2. Time is my mentor, my judge, as it swiftly takes me in hand along the journey of life.
    It will not allow me to pause, not even for a second.
    In reality, a second is a lifetime in eternity, a treasure to be cherished,
    now and forever.
    Time, it is the very essence of my existence, of our collective existence.

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