Where will you choose to shine your light?

I seek lightness of being.

I seek to carry only gratitude, love and joy whereever I go.

And then I forget.

Life happens and I become mired down in its grubbiness, forgetting my divine essence as I struggle to overcome life’s daily existence.

I heard a story yesterday that made me wonder about our humanity.

I wanted to cry. To throw my hands up in despair and cry out, “Oh humanity. What are we doing?”

I wanted to run and hide. To forget about ‘the world’ and crawl into myself.

And then I remembered.

This is not what my life is. This petty, squabbling, ‘little’ me.

My life is the sunshine warm upon my face. My heart overflowing with joy. My spirit light and carefree.

I have the power to be present in this moment, regardless of how fierce the winds blowing around me.

I have the power to stand in Love.

And so,

I Stop.


Quiet my mind.

And become one with this moment in which I am connected to all things, all beings, all goodness.

There are storms in this world.

Here is beauty.

There is ugliness in this world.

Here is kindness.

There is sadness in this world.

Here is joy.

Which path will I choose to follow?

Where will I choose to shine my light?


11 thoughts on “Where will you choose to shine your light?

  1. wherever you go, there you are …

    you could determine to be a voice for change, a voice for the voiceless, a creator of art and good and ….

    well, you already are

    keep up being who you are, wherever you are, doing what you can with what you have to work with …


  2. At my mature age, which I trust has been influenced by positive and constructive criticism, I have finally learned to step back, evaluate each situation, moment or incident that life throws my way. I have learned that I am not the savior of the world, nor do I wish to be. I choose where and when I can be of any type of assistance, not have others say, “Call Iwona, she can help, step in or whatever they think I am capable of doing.” Where will I choose to shine my light? – that is up to me. In more simpler terms, “Not my circus, not my monkey.”

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  3. It’s an important and beautifully written reminder of what is so easy to forget. I often wonder why it’s so much harder to focus on the good stuff and almost automatic to see the not so good. Maybe it’s our old lizard brain that tries to warn us about some impending danger. Strange how deeply engraved this old reflex is.

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    • I think you’re right — it is our lizard brain in action. Reconditioning that old reflex is challenging — those neural pathways to the darkness can be deep. I have a mantra that help me reframe it — I have to repeat it often! “I am light. I am Love. I am deserving of joy. I am light. I am Love. I am deserving of joy…” For me, the deserving of joy is critical as my ‘Catholic guilt’ likes to interfere with my sense of worth! Many hugs ❤


      • That’s a good idea. The deserving of joy part, especially. Even though I haven’t been raised catholic I still have a deep sense of having to earn the good stuff. Time to get over it and just open our arms to it, just because. Many hugs back. ❤

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