Time to kick-back.

It is a long weekend.

We’ve had fun times sharing dinner with friends and family. Cooking together. Chatting. Teasing. Deep conversation and light-hearted laughter.

These are rich times. Treasured moments of companionship. Time for C.C. and I to slice and peel and cook together and share in something we love to spend time creating — special moments for family and friends.

We’ve gathered old friends, new friends, new neighbours around the table. Savoured time to get to know eachother. Time to share our stories. Our thoughts. Our feelings.

And now today. Monday… A day to relax. To rest on the deck. To feel the sun warming my skin. To hear the leaves rustling in the trees and listen to the river flowing past.

It is a day with no commitments. No ‘to do list’ calling. Though the list exists, today I shall turn my back on ‘have to’s’ and shoulds as I savour this moment to simply be present in the beauty all around me.

Ahh yes. The dog days of summer are upon us.

Time to relax. Time to savour gratitude for this day.

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