You are… Whole. Complete. Worthy.

Remembering our worthiness is a journey.

We are born worthy, whole, complete and then… life happens and we forget.

We forget our beauty, our brilliance, our ineffable right to shine.

Remembering is our responsibility. It is necessary if we are to claim the richness of life without the fear of not deserving it creeping in.

We forget sometimes just how perfect and magnificent we were at birth.

Yet, when a child is born, it is all we see, even while forgetting we too were just like that newborn. Perfect. Magnificent. Whole. Complete. Worthy.

As life layers on its complexities and nuances, we start to cling to the messages of ‘not enough’ that infiltrate the light of our magnificence. The darkness creeps into the light until one day, we look in the mirror and see only the flawed and broken vessel we think we’ve become.

Forget the flaws. Let go of the broken messages replaying themselves in your head and claim your brilliance.

Even if it’s just for a moment, stand in the naked truth of how absolutely miraculous you are in this moment right now and know, you are worthy, whole complete. A magnificent reflection of amazing grace shining for all the world to see just how brilliant you are.

And yes, it won’t feel comfortable. It won’t feel natural.

Doesn’t matter. It is the truth.

We are each of us magnificent beings of light capable of shining brilliantly in darkness and in light.


11 thoughts on “You are… Whole. Complete. Worthy.

  1. life can turn upside down or take a sharp turn so quickly – lets remember what you wrote! Not just for ourselves, but for everybody around us (our children and grandchildren of course are perfect), especially those cranky ones we don’t see aye-to-aye with, they are perfect too, aren’t they? Well, they started out that way too …


  2. For me, this is a difficult concept to implement. My entire life my mothers words are in my head “No one likes a self centered person. Always put others first. You are here to serve.” But for today I will attempt to muffle those words with love for Mom as well as my formerly imperfect self. Thank you for reminding us that we were all born perfect and remain perfect. Peace.


    • I too had similar messaging from my mom! It is a hard ‘tape’ to unwind in my head yet, when I do, I find myself more at peace and willing to give to others because I am not constantly running on empty! ❤


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