What are you creating in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I creating in my life?”

Have you ever wondered what your creations say about you? Your journey? Your Beauty? Your Heart? Your willingness to create better in this world?

We are all each creators of beauty and greatness in the world around us.

We all have the capacity to gift to the world our best.

Yet, too often, we walk through each day, head down, taking one step after the next without giving a great deal of thought as to what each step is imprinting, what lasting impressing each gesture, word, action is creating.

Think about it.

Everything you do and say, every thought, deed, action makes an impression.

To ensure everything we create is loving, kind, beautiful and truthful, we must choose wisely.

Even in the moment to moment passing of time, we each have the power to choose to create greatness. And in that greatness, to participate in the unfolding of the greatness of the world around us.

It’s a heady thought. And a sobering one too.

To have such power is not a small responsibility. It’s life-giving.

Such power is not a gift. It is our birthright.

The gift comes when we share our birthright for the betterment of all the world to experience.

When we consciously create better for all the world.

Staying conscious of ‘creating better’ is important.

When we walk through each moment, unconscious of our imprint, we are letting go of our capacity to be great. We are giving the world are mediocrity –  the world has enough mediocrity. It needs our greatness.

As you walk through this day, consider each moment as an opportunity for you to live and share your greatness.

What would you do differently in this moment right now if you breathed into the awesome power of your essential essence. Of being a force for beauty, hope, kindness, love in the world?

What would you create in your world if you could create better?

Do it.


7 thoughts on “What are you creating in your life?

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  2. I’m a fortunate person..
    If I make up an objective or goal.. without real count, I canssy I have succeeded in most of them.. anything you really wish for, is there for grabs.. not always easy, but it’s there


    • You are very fortunate! I also appreciate you stopped in to comment. How lovely to see you here! Looking forward to our visit in December — it’s been one of my wishes to return since we were there last! ❤


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