Are you awake and sleeping?

Have you ever noticed how you can drive somewhere and when you get to your destination, you hardly remember how you got there?

It’s as if you’re on autopilot and getting to where you were going was more an accident of nature than an intentional activity on your part.

Too often, we can go through life like that. Unplugged from our senses and awareness, we keep putting one foot in front of the other without stopping to savour each footstep, each breath, each moment.

To become fully aware in the moment of being means to be completely present.

And it’s hard to be completely present when operating on autopilot.

Ask yourself… Am I fully aware in this moment of the world around me? Am I feeling, sensing, experiencing everything?

If your answer is… well kind of. Or, a bit. Or, not at all…

Stop. Breathe. Open your eyes. Expand your heart with each breath in. Feel each breath nourishing your entire body.

Consciously tell yourself, “I breathe in Life. I breathe out Love.” “I breathe in Life. I breathe out Love.”

My experience is that often, when I am just going through the motions of my life, it is because I’ve allowed myself to fall asleep while awake. I’ve let automatic become my modus operandi.

It takes a conscious effort to come back into myself and into my world.

When I do, the beauty and wonder around me abounds with inspiration, every moment flowing with creativity.

Suddenly, a flower is not just a flower, it’s a thing of beauty and grace inspiring me to dance in the sun.

The sky is not just a sky, it is a soaring blanket of possibility calling me to rise above negative thinking into limitless creativity.

The air is not just, ‘the air I breathe.’ It is my life-support, a gift of the universe that sustains and nourishes and feeds me life, inviting me to let go of gravity and soar with my dreams.

It can be easy in our day-to-day living to forget we are creatures of immense possibilities. That we are born magnificent, whole, complete.

In those moments of forgetfulness, when autopilot takes over and we coast along without thought of how we’re moving through this world, it is possible to forget our dreams and our unlimited capacity to make them come true.

Just for today, stay conscious of each moment.

Stop. Breathe. Consciously open your eyes and heart. Consciously let yourself become present to this moment, right now. Let yourself walk feeling the muscles of your body moving your limbs, the air entering your lungs, the gentle touch of the breeze caressing your face.

Just for today, let this moment inspire you to fall totally, completely, whole-heartedly in Love with you and your life and everyone and everything in it.

Just for today, LIVE this moment as your inspiration to be In Love.


8 thoughts on “Are you awake and sleeping?

  1. Life on autopilot – in my world that is an oxymoron! Learned my lesson early in life to take the time and “stop and smell the roses”. Thanks for a timely reminder.

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