Being okay with change

My mind is rambling this morning. It’s a bit unfocussed. Flirting with thoughts without grasping on one.

Generally, meditation helps me quiet my mind. Today, my mind has a mind of its own!

I’ve decided to change the way I handle my mind when it feels unsettled. I’m going to let myself be okay with letting myself ramble. Letting the words simply appear without trying to wrangle them into some cohesive thought or idea.

I’m going to be okay with letting myself be in this space without being angst-ridden.

It’s a change for me. I generally like feeling in control. Like what I’m putting down here makes sense!

Life has a way of changing. Constantly.

This morning I arose and there is snow on the leaves of the bush outside my window.

Yesterday, I drove home along my usual route and one of the roads I take was blocked off.

Neither of these changes are permanent. But in their transitory nature I am reminded of the impermanence of life. Of the delicateness of our presence here on earth.

We are constantly changing, evolving, learning and growing. We are continually adapting and adopting new ways of being, seeing and doing.

Sometimes, we’re slow to embrace new ways.

Sometimes, we baulk. We resist. We dig our heels in. We push back.

Sometimes, we can change the way of change around us. Sometimes, we can redirect, refocus, assess and discover new ways that are different than the way we were going to find a new way that works better.

But we can’t stop change. It is part of life.

My daughter and I were talking about how every day is a brand new day for her 7 month old son. “Actually mom,” she said. “Everyday is new for each of us. None of us have ever seen this day before.”

It took me a moment to embrace that thought. To recognize that by changing my outlook on how I see today, I have the capacity to see everything in it as brand new. I’ve seen many September 14th’s in my life, but never this one today.

I like the new perspective.

Like the opportunity it brings to start afresh. To accept new ideas, information, knowledge and use the ‘new’ to inform my journey in ways I’ve never before imagined.

Change is a constant in our lives even when we fight against ‘too much change’ as if we know the right amount of change that is acceptable at any given time.

I’ve never yet figured out how much change I can handle at one time. Guess I don’t have to. All I have to do is accept, change is part of living and every day is A Brand New Day.


This Friday Rambling deserves one of my favourite songs!


6 thoughts on “Being okay with change

  1. It’s more than ‘fight change’ vis-a-vis ’embrace change’ – it’s ‘seek change’ vis-a-vis ‘avoid change’. We all need change. Without change we die …

    Change and growth happen best in our dis-comfort zone – not matter how much we resist of fight or avoid; embracing change invigorates us. Sometimes it scares, sometimes it thrills, sometimes it alters lives (including our own) such that they are never the same again …


    • I think it is all of that Mark. We are constantly changing how we step into things — and sometimes, depending on the change, we do it differently.

      Change is here to stay. What remains constant is that no matter how dark and foreboding the change, when we let Love be the constant, we create light.

      Change does all of those things you mention. And we can choose to embrace the change and let it grow us, or not. I like growth. 🙂


  2. Perfect analysis, Louise! Miss T. called me this morning to ramble her thoughts out, which she has frequently done over the years when bogged down with too much on her plate. Helps her sort out her thoughts, let go of worrying (a bit), and to just go with the flow.


    • I do the same thing Bev. Sometimes, here in writing. Sometimes in my journal. Sometimes through speaking. Miss T. is so very fortunate to have a mother who listens and holds space for her to find her way. Much love.


  3. Change is good for the soul, change is good as it keeps us on our toes. Change opens doors we may never have dared to push open. It allows for positive progress and broadens our horizons in a continuous learning experience. But, change for the sake of change has a way of making a mess for no thought process is usually involved. I like your approach to change!


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