Trust in the process

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Do you have a daily ritual that grounds you? A habit that breathes peace, contentment, openness into your being present as you begin your day?

For me, writing here is that ritual.

I begin with a meditation and then, write.

Often, I don’t know what I’ll be writing about. I trust in the process.

And that is what writing here has taught me to do, Trust in the process.

As I reflect on over 11 years of writing a daily blog, some thoughts rise above others.

I have learned through writing here that I am my thoughts. And at the foundation of my thoughts, of my being present is the deep belief that we are all miracles of life. Life is miraculous.

I have learned writing here that we are all on this earth to live as our highest expression of life. We are here to be the sacred nature of our soul’s desire to express itself through our beauty, truth, holiness and divinity. We are all miracles of life.

I have learned that my thinking can keep me playing small, or open me up to my magnificence. The world needs each of us to live our magnificence.

I have learned that trusting in the Universe is the foundation of my belief, life is filled with limitless possibilities.

I have learned that I am powerful beyond my wildest imaginings when I trust in the Universe. The Universe is not against me. It is always there, encouraging me to trust in the evolutionary impulse  to evolve and grow and expand and become. To be all that I am when I let go of fear and thinking the Universe is not with me.

I have learned, the Universe, or God, the Divine, Yaweh, Allah, however you name it or call it or believe in it, is with me. For me. Of me. It is in the best interests of humanity that I shine, that you shine, that we all be our greatest expression of Love.

I have learned that fear will always want to steal my peace of mind. That being courageous is the only antidote to fear.

I have learned that people are amazing. People make the world a better place.

And I have learned that Love is the answer. Love always wins.


4 thoughts on “Trust in the process

  1. LG … yes, the PROCESS is everything. I know I got you started on writing daily – but you were a writer who understood process long before that.

    My lessons on process began in a different arena, but similar powerful results. I was on a ‘newly appointed board – Michener Centre in Red Deer – 15 of us all charged up with Ministerial Order mandate, to be the first board of a very old institution which had never been governed that way, 15 talented/worthy people who didn’t know each other and a chairman I didn’t care for very much. Never did get warm to him but he taught one very important thing as we began a ‘several days rolling workshop’ with each other developing ‘mission, vision, values’ kind of documents and ‘marching orders’ for management. It was daunting – yet he kept saying, ‘trust the process’. I was skeptical, but after three days ‘trust the process’ was ingrained in all of us and deeply for me. I never got to like him but I have that one guiding principal firmly installed. It guides me in writing and speaking, it guides me in my work and solves so many problems by ‘not causing them in the first place’ … because I trust the process.

    Hope all is going well for you in your new gig ..



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