When judgement calls, don’t listen!

Have you ever noticed how some days it feels so much easier to let go of compassion and fall instead into judgement. So effortless and comfortable!

Yet, to stand in judgement is not comfortable. It leaves me feeling harsh, like I’m grating constantly against the fine grain of my conscience.

To let go of judgement, to allow compassion to be my guide, I must re-center. Re-align.

I must,

Breathe and soften my heart.
Breathe and soften my heart.
Breathe and soften my heart.

In that beautiful space where life-giving oxygen fills me up and I feel its breath stirring my heart, I find myself opening up to the beauty of moving with grace into compassion.

It can feel easier somedays to fall into judgement.

But it’s never the right thing to do.

Never the kind thing nor loving way to be in this world.

For today, let me not heed judgement’s hissing insistence it’s easy shores will bring me peace of mind.

Let the compassion of my heart call me home to that place where I am open and willing to doing the loving, right thing.

8 thoughts on “When judgement calls, don’t listen!

  1. What is it about humans that we so easily tend toward the judgment rather that the acceptance of our fellow man? I agree that some days it is difficult to not fall prey to that ever present need to keep score, the looking down on others for their faults or the inability to just love others the way we want to be loved. Life is way too short to fall into this type of negative thinking. Living in love and compassion is so much better; so I also choose to be happily living in love and compassion. Peace.

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    • I’m not sure why we humans tend toward the judgement rather than the acceptance — it is quite uncanny! I love tha tyou too choose to be happily living in love and compassion. I believe the more of us who choose this state of being, the better off the world will be! Many blessings and much peace.

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  2. I love how God just shows me stuff! I have been thinking about this very thing lately, then my morning devotions were all about doing what God leads you to do regardless of what other people think. Which got me thinking about times other friends have done that and I’ve judged them on their choices. And now this!! God gave you these words this morning for me. Thank you!!!

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  3. Indeed, Louise, yet sometimes in the mitote that swirls (Don Miguel Ruiz) and permeates, it becomes challenging to soften the heart. Many of us have beautiful filled, strong hearts but the negative energy that others spew can counter the softening of our hearts that seek love and nurturing. I believe there are opportune times to engage in the warfare around us and fight for what is right, honorable and collectively beneficial. I enjoyed your words.

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    • I love the mitote that swirls and permeates. It can be challenging yet, for me, when I soften my heart, challenge abates allowing me to stand strong in my knowing of what is the best thing to do. In that space, I am courageous and able to engage in the warfare, strong of heart, knowing I am fighting for what is right, honourable and collectively beneficial. Love your comment Eric. Much to ponder in it. Thank you, ❤

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