I am enough. You are enough. We are.

Wide Open
©2018 Louise Gallagher

I will not walk in fear
of living an unused life
of regretting undone dreams
or missing unmet desires.

I will not live in hope
of one day being enough
of finding myself
or knowing who I am.

I will live this life
for all I’m worth
and that’s a lot.

I will walk into my fears
and set my dreams on fire
igniting my hopes with the possibility
of creating the life I always dreamed of
as I spend each day creating
the life I dream of.

I will walk each day
believing that I am worthy
because I am.

And I will give up hope
of finding myself.

I’m not lost.
I’m right here
living each day
with my eyes and arms and heart
wide open.

Wide open
I do not fear falling
I do not fear failing
I do not fear
being me
living this life
in the beauty and wonder of knowing
I Am Enough.


I did not intend to write a poem this morning. and there it appeared.

The muse was having her way with me, and I was not refusing her call.

It is the way of the muse. She floats on moonbeams and stardust, shimmers in sunlight and breezes wafting through open windows. She does not heed walls or canyons. She does not stop for any woman or man.

She does not come unbidden. She is always there.

The muse just is. Present. All ways. All places.

This morning, she struck a chord in my imagination, vibrated in harmony with my heart and voilá! A poem appeared.

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