Under the Mexican sun, I unwind.

I am here. Unravelling. Unwinding. Standing at the edge where the sun kisses the sand and the sea laps at my toes urging me to let go. Slow down. Release.

I am disentangling. Slowly disengaging from shoulds and musts and have to’s. Stripping away the need of measuring each passing moment against a list of things to get done. Finished. Accomplished.

I am here.


Falling. Effortlessly. Out of time’s grip into nothing but time to be. Present.



I am here.


We spent the day unwinding yesterday.

We made no plans. Had no agenda. We sat by the pool and read and swam and read some more. Late in the afternoon, as the sun’s shadows began to lengthen, I took the trail up and over the hillside next to the hotel, down through the forest to the beach beside us. I sat on the rocks and listened to the waves crashing, the turkey vultures keening above as they dipped and swooped and I breathed deeply. In. Out. In. Out. Like the tide. Like the sea. In. Out. In. Out.

And as the sun set and hunger called, we took a taxi to a restaurant in Tanglunde just a few kilometres from Villas FaSol, where we climbed the stairs to Restaurant Vienu and sat on the deck and ate mussels and sipped ice cold wine under an onyx sky littered with stars dancing in the night.

When we returned to FaSol, Guillermo, the owner and his lovely wife, Roscio met us with big hugs and a birthday cake for me. We sat on the patio late into the night, the surf crashing below and shared stories of our travels, our families, our lives.

Today, I am off to take a cooking class on traditional foods from the area.

C.C. may go golfing. Or not. He may decide to rest some more by the pool.  There is no agenda. No need to do anything except enjoy the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

I am here.


Life is good.

12 thoughts on “Under the Mexican sun, I unwind.

  1. Indeed, life sounds near perfect. And you share them here with warmth and authenticity. So a curious one might wonder, how will these perspectives and choices play out when you return home? Something tells me you’ve got a continuation plan. 😊

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