Are you flowing with or against the current?

I dream.

I am crossing a desert. Looking for signs of life. I come to the edge of a river. I am hot. Tired. Lonely. Scared. On the other side of the river I see people dancing on the sands that edge up against a beautiful forest filled with flowers and birds and luscious fruits. The people call to me. They wave and yell, “Come on over.”

The current is fast. The water dark and deep. I am afraid to swim across. Seeing my fear they throw me a rope. I grab onto it but am still afraid to step into the waters. They tug on the rope and I slip and enter the river.

It is cold. I fight against the current. Fight against the tug on the rope. I see the people waving, calling out to me to hold on, they will pull me in. But I don’t want their help. I don’t want to be where they are on the bank of the river. I want to explore the lands further down.

I let go of the rope. The water pulls me. I fight against it. I grow tired. And then, the thought enters my mind that I must surrender. I must quit resisting the rivers current and flow with it, not against it.

A beautiful peace envelopes me. I drift upon the waters and am carried gently to a place further down the shore. A place of such spectacular beauty it takes my breath away. I step onto the shore and feel the silky texture of the sands beneath my feet. The warmth of the sun upon my back. The kiss of the breeze upon my cheek. Beauty surrounds me in all its breath-taking awe…

I awaken.

Like the woman in my dream, I sometimes resist life’s natural current, the ebb and flow of energy pulsating around me, through me, in me. I fight against the current, trying to make it fit me. To mold it to my design. To fit it into a box of what I construct in my mind as my ‘reality’.

It’s time to surrender and flow gracefully in the current of life.

When I let go of the ropes I use to manipulate, control, manage life around me, I give into the flow of life, its natural tendency to support me, lift me up, carry me onward, make me part of life flowing endlessly.

Like a drowning woman fighting against the waters, my resistance draggs me under, undermining my ability to float on the surface and be carried gracefully with the current to where ever it takes me.

When I flow with the current, I am one with the waters. I am free to dive beneath the surface, swim with the fish, explore the depths or rest gently on the surface, flowing with the flow. I am free to let the waters carry me as I let go of my need to direct their course and take their destination as a matter of course.

I can’t change the course of the river. I can change my course to let myself flow in the current of life, with grace and ease, peacefully stepping onto the shores where ever they find me, joyfully swimming in the waters of life buoying me up with their laughter, song, dance and love.

The question is: Are you struggling against the current, swimming upstream, battling against the flow? Are you willing to surrender and flow in and with the current of life?

6 thoughts on “Are you flowing with or against the current?

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  2. It’s always easier to go with the flow but, as humans we think we can control our world. What utter nonsense. We can no more control our world than walk to the moon. In our arrogance we fight but isn’t it so much more peaceful, more delightful, more healthy to just go with the flow?

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