My Heart Vision (a poem)

Mixed media on card stock 6″ x 6″ Louise Gallagher

Rumi’s poetry always captures my heart, opening me up to the simple and provocative truths of our human condition.

This morning, I visited a poem I have not read in a long while, The Water You Want.

The Water You Want  Jalaluddin Rumi

Someone may be clairvoyant, able to see
the future, and yet have very little wisdom.
Like the man who sees water in his dream
and began leading everyone toward his mirage.
I am the one with heart vision.
I have torn open the veil.
So they set out with him inside the dream,
while he is actually sleeping
beside a river of pure water.
Any search moves away from the spot
where the object of the quest is.
Sleep deeply wherever you are on the way.
Maybe some traveler will wake you.
Give up subtle thinking, the twofold, threefold
multiplication of mistakes.
Listen to the sound of waves within you.
You are dreaming your thirst,
when the water you want
is inside the big vein on your neck.

Slipping into meditation I carried the phrase, ‘heart vision’ with me. The following poem moved through me, writing itself into creation.

Heart Vision ©2019 Louise Gallagher

In my heart vision I tear away the veil
that blinds me to nothing
but my fear of falling
into the dark stagnant abyss
where love will never find me

I rise above
the fog of my delusion.

Truth shimmers dancing in the light
of fear held silent
in arms of molten lead
pinioning me to the pain of believing
that I must seek love to find it

Searching for the way I find myself
listening to the sound of my ears opening
to the truth where hope rises
into the mists of my fear falling
into nothing but Love.

Joyfully I embrace
the vision of my heart.


And as a special treat, here is Coleman Banks’ reading of The Water You Want.

5 thoughts on “My Heart Vision (a poem)

  1. Hi, I’m Liz from New Zealand and I really like your poem Heart Vision. If I wished to share your poem on my blog Exploring Colour, would that be ok with you (I always clearly credit the owner and link back). I could use your art if you’d like me to.. otherwise I could find my own photo. (It wouldn’t be soon as I have a lot of things to blog about already, but I thought I’d ask you now). Please let me know. Thanks!


    • Hi Liz, I am honoured you’d like to use my poem! Please feel free — and I appreciate the link back. You are welcome to use my art or a piece of your own — it’s always fun to see what others envision! Thanks again. I appreciate the honour.

      Liked by 1 person

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