Hackers and other threats

So…. you know when you get one of those emails that makes you go… What on earth are you going on about?  Okay, well maybe stronger language is warranted given that the email I read in my personal account this morning was from a hacker stating that I was to deposit a certain about of bitcoin into an account, otherwise, they would release all my porn watching history to all my followers etc.

Except… I do not have a porn watching history, which means anything they release will be fabricated too. And threatening me with their perverse idea of what will cause me fear is rather ridiculous as, if I did watch porn then I wouldn’t care who knew anyway as I would have to have found a way to love myself for having watched it in the first place – so why would I fall for their threats of doing something that they think would cause me shame or fear others knowing?

Now I get that hackers are adept at creating something that isn’t to look like something that is. But here’s the deal, one thing hackers should do is become more proficient in the English language and more adept at picking threats that work for the individuals to whom they are sending their threats, especially when those threats are filled with technical jargon I do not understand.

To be fair, I should confess that the email did cause my heart to flutter wildly for a few moments, and for confusion to cloud my thinking.

Which is unfortunate, or perhaps fortunate, given that my meditation this morning was particularly soul-inspiring and enlightening.

In my meditation I was a leaf floating on the surface of a gentle river. I felt peace. Calmness. And then, I became a shimmering body of water that lifted up out of the water, not quite human in its dimensions and form, a radiant stream of water that rose higher and higher above the earth, at peace with all it saw and witnessed as it rose into the deep silence of space.

And as the body of shimmering water rose, the voice of reason within whispered, “There is beauty in all things. Even problems. The secret is to rise above until the problem appears as an integral part of the exquisite mosaic of life on earth.”

And so, having risen above this problem of the hacker’s threats, I settle once again into that place where I am at peace with all that is in my world, including a hacker’s threats.

I cannot change what others do to create value in their lives. I can feel sad for their need to create havoc in other’s lives and I can wish for them a miracle of enlightenment as I am not powerful enough to change the course of those with evil intent. I can also breathe into forgiveness and repeat, as I must when I feel cornered or like I have given way to fear or bad behaviour/thoughts/words concerning another:

Bless them.

Forgive me.

Forgive them.

Bless me.

Finding peace in forgiveness, and gratitude for my many blessings, I remind myself that, “The rest is all just stuff.”

Lovingly, I raise myself up out of the mire of my fears into soulful living and lovingly invite the soul of the ‘other’ to rise with me,


PS.  Yes. I will still do what is necessary to safeguard my email by taking my computer to an expert (someone who understands both the technology and the lingo is helpful) what I don’t have to do is fret about the outcome. It shall be whatever it shall be and I shall always be me.


11 thoughts on “Hackers and other threats

  1. Okay, you were doing just fine until I read – Bless them, Forgive them – who are you kidding!? Forgive a hacker for bringing chaos into my world, methinks not. Unless they are a “white hat hacker” hacking to do some good which usually means under direction, control, etc. so that some backdoor or glitch can be rectified.

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  2. Lol. I got the exact same email a couple months ago. Hackers are ruthless, heartless idiots. My son works for a multi national company that was hacked and held hostage with the whole bitcoin thing this week. It’s a nightmare for that company to say the least.

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  3. Welcome to the world of those how get these unwanted ransom threats. In terms of hacking, malware and trojans – my geek guy Warren tells me that, notwithstanding safeguards and malware detection software, that it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ we’ll be attacked but ‘when’. It seems most of the stories where large amounts of money or data have been stolen resulted from a series of events triggered by clicking on something suspicious or by paying someone the bitcoin they demand.

    Be assured you are not alone in feeling ‘unsettled’ by these things – we all need to be vigilant!

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  5. Had to deal with that same spam at work and hacker had made it appear that my email address was the sender to myself so could not block the sender without investigating further to reveal “raw data” to get the actual email address for the sender and block that. Annoyance went on for awhile as different actual sender email addresses were used resulting in more actual senders to block. Finally the hacking attempts were snuffed. For now, anyways. Some people just have nothing better to do, eh?!!

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