The presence of the present.

Tables turn. The world spins and life goes on.

This morning, Alberta awoke to a new political landscape.

Election 2019 heralded an upheaval for the reigning NDP, with Jason Kenney’s UCP stepping to the forefront with a crushing win.

Yup.  It’s politics.

And I do not write about politics.

So what do I write about on this morning when the river flows past my office window and the birds chirp in the trees lining the riverbank unmoved by the upheaval in our Provincial political landscape?

Maybe… there’s nothing to write about but the presence of the present.

Maybe it’s a day to breathe just as every day is a day to breathe.

Maybe all I can do in this moment is, to pause. To take in the quiet of this morning and savour the sun’s rays peeking through an overcast sky tinting the horizon in hues of pink and golden amber.

Maybe it’s a morning to simply be present, without searching for meaning, a message, a grand idea to inspire minds, open hearts and set spirits soaring.

Maybe it’s a day to simply be.

And in ‘being’, to set my intention to weather whatever changes are on the horizon with grace. To embrace what is present with acceptance. To breathe into all that is without judgment.

A new day dawned this morning. Behind grey clouds lying low on the horizon, the sun still shines. The world still turns and life goes on.

I am choosing to step into to this day, without carrying anything but the joy of being open to its possibilities when I turn up with a loving mind and open heart to the grace that is present in every moment.



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