I’m so excited! Art Show…

It’s funny/weird/nice/exciting, to see my name in a list of artists.

It’s not something I thought I’d ever experience.

I didn’t start painting until my mid-40s.  Up until then, I’d always said, I’m a writer, not an artist. I can’t draw. Have no talent that way.

Oh look at the things we can prove ourselves wrong about ourselves when we step outside of our limiting beliefs and just…. play.

That’s how painting began for me. I wanted to spend time with my eldest daughter who is an amazing artist, and painting with her seemed like a good idea.

It was brilliant!

I discovered something I am passionate about, and got to share with her in one of her passions as she also guided me in the ‘hows’ of painting. A win/win!

Today and tomorrow I am in an art show. I’ve been in this show before but had to withdraw for the past two years as life got busy and I searched for balance.

And now…. I’m back!

If your in and around Calgary over the next two days, I’d love it if you dropped by to say hello!

If not, I’ll see you here next week.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

Oh. And in case you’re wondering, there is still that little voice inside me that wants to leap into the excitement and hiss…. “you’re not really an artist.”

I tell him it’s okay. Calling myself an artist isn’t about putting my ego at risk. It’s not about comparing myself to others or even who likes or doesn’t like my work.  It’s about what makes my heart happy.

5 thoughts on “I’m so excited! Art Show…

  1. I LOVE doing markets, art shows, festivals, etc. The most enjoyable thing for me is interacting with the people. Don’t get me wrong, the sales are nice and the sales help fund our passions but it’s communicating with the attendees that really keeps me coming back for more. I’ll be sending good thoughts and energy your way this weekend. Enjoy!

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    • It was fun! And I did well. Although the market was quite quiet — we finally had nice weather and I think people didn’t want to come inside, I sold lots of cards and several of my Alochol Ink paintings. ❤ and it was wonderful to chat with the other artists and those who wandered through. Thanks for the good thoughts and energy! it helped.


      • So happy for you! I just knew you’d enjoy your market. Going in with a possitive attitude always helps. Validation feels good doesn’t it?


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