Island Life. Slow and easy does it.

The View From Where I Sit

Island life is a slow, easy pace. The biggest decision of my morning here at my sister and brother-in-law’s on Gabriola Island is whether to have coffee on the north deck or the south.

Decisions. Decisions.

This morning, I added one more decision. To take the seaplane from Silva Bay to the south terminal in Vancouver, (20 minutes + half hour transit) or, two ferries (4+ hours).

Seaplane won. Simple. Direct. And bonus. I get to spend the day exploring the beaches of Gabriola before returning to Vancouver.

This trip is unplanned insofar as my schedule is determined by my daughter’s needs for childcare as she settles into a new job and juggles work, family, and a nanny 3 days a week.

Tomorrow, Thurlow, my grandson, and I will spend the day together.

Colour me excited!

It is the most precious part of this trip. To spend time with him without adult supervision (I’m hoping my daughter doesn’t read this as she might get a little perturbed by my suggestion that time with my grandson is all about being a child at heart!) 🙂

Before I left for Gabriola on Monday, my grandson and I walked to the park at the end of their street for playtime. Apparently, an hour walk was a bit longer than my daughter anticipated. When my phone rang and I answered, she advised me I needed to get back.

But he’s not ready to leave yet, I told her.

She suggested I pick him up and carry him home.

I don’t think he’ll be happy about that, I replied.

I didn’t pick him up but we did manage to wander home in time to meet the nanny.

It is perhaps one of the greatest joys of being a YiaYa. Not feeling the pressure and responsibility of time, schedules and disciplined structure. It’s why I like my name ‘YiaYa’.  There are no-no’s where my grandson is concerned!

And on this trip, there is no need to create a schedule — other than to coincide with what works for friends and family whom I may be visiting. C.C. is looking at flying out for a week to visit friends on Vancouver Island. He’ll fly home and I’ll continue on my journey. Or he’ll drive back with me.

That’s the plan. And that’s the beauty of the plan. There’s lots of room for change!






8 thoughts on “Island Life. Slow and easy does it.

  1. And what is wrong with being a child at heart! Your beautiful daughter will understand when she gets time to spend alone with her grandchild and the proverbial lightbulb will come on 💡. Being our age, with our experience allows one to say things and get away with it. The journey we call life is one of continuous learning. Enjoy your meanderings, they sound so relaxing ad re-energizing.

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    • It is very relaxing and re-energizing Iwona. I am feeling my pulse slow down, my heart ease into a beautifully steady rhythm as the stress lifts and I become more intuned with myself. Totally divine! ❤


  2. Hah! I just had my daughter (1 month old) and she’s resting in my arms. I am totally consumed with her but still enjoying blogging. I’m glad you are having fun with your grandchild! Being a child is something we all do as much of as we can (at least I do). Lol. Congrats on being a YiaYa!

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    • Oh wow!!! Congratulations on your daughter. How absolutely divine. Being with my grandson reminds me so much of those magical, mystical, mysterious days of my daughter’s early life. So very divine and essential. Enjoy and savour every moment. ❤

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