Home again. Home again.

I am home.

We left Gabriola Island on the 10:05 ferry Saturday morning and began the journey back. We had intended to wend our way through the Okanagon but grey skies, rain and C.C.’s Interclub golf game Monday afternoon gave us pause to reconsider.

We drove through in 2 days.

I am grateful we did.

I am ready for home. Ready for routine. Ready to settle in and ease into for this next phase of my life.

As we drove my mind wandered to thoughts of ‘the future’. What does it look like? What will I do? What’s in store?

It is inevitable that my mind does that. Leap into future planning, future vistas.

Home isn’t just a place to be. It’s the place where I live my life, day by day, moment by moment.

I like structure. I like knowing what I’m doing, what’s ‘supposed to be’ happening next. And while I am still committed to my ‘unplanned’ summer, I feel the urge within calling me to look into out there, on that distant horizon for ‘what happens next’.

I am resisting its call and looking within instead.

Peering deeply into myself to feel the ebb and flow of creativity as it crashes into the shores of my desire to be present with all that is when I stop pushing and pulling and trying to make ‘what is’ into something I want it to be.

For now, I shall be spending time preparing my workspace. Clearing out clutter. Setting up my studio to be a space that infuses each day with creative spark and inspired curiousity.

There’s a fair amount of ‘grunt work’ to be done.

Since moving into this house a year ago, I have not tackled the back storage room where all my boxes of art supplies were loaded in by the movers.

On the road as we drove…

There is no rhyme or reason to the placement of the room’s contents. And, because the move out from our old home was so fast (the sale included a 14 day possession date), a lot of my supplies were simply loaded into boxes without a plan. The movers didn’t label what they were packing so now I go on the adventure of discovering what is there. What is needed, and what is not.

I’m excited!Β  Stampede is on and I don’t have to dress-up and play cowgirl. I get to revel here at home as I create my ideal studio space in which to paint and draw, write and contemplate, create and grow.

Yahoo!Β  I may not be out kicking up my heels, dancing to a two-step, but I shall be dancing with the muse as I unpack and explore what happens next in my studio space.


And…. I created a video of C.C. and my stay on Gabriola. It was a delightful time!

6 thoughts on “Home again. Home again.

  1. welcome back …

    we all need to clear clutter and set things up for optimum production … for a while; otherwise it becomes another means of avoidance and deflection from what we ought to be doing (says someone who has been there and done that more than twice …)

    when you want to brainstorm, gimme a call …

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  2. It is amazing what a decluttering, reorganizing exercise may accomplish. You may actually start to think about projects as you uncover, unpack or discover what is in those unlabelled boxes. Keep those eyes and mind wide open – you will be surprised. Enjoy the experience. I bet you will be side-sidetracked more than once.
    As for what happens next, you have not been out of the work routine long enough to realize that need to be doing something may not necessarily be a return to a workforce.

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    • I already got side-tracked! πŸ™‚ By moving my worktable, I heard the muse calling, sat down and pouf! There wen’t organizing. In came creating. πŸ™‚ It’s okay. I did get unpacked and the laundry done. That’s way ahead of my normal returning home timeline! πŸ™‚

      And I so appreciate your last line. At one point yesterday, as I was out walking with Beau, a touch of panic rippled through my heart and I wondered… oh no… who am I if I’m not working and doing something out there in the world that has meaning…. yada yada yada. I let it ripple through like the river. Staying in the moment.

      And one other thing I did do was sign up for an online course on Sage-ing and creativity. I start today! Hugs.


    • YOu are so very right Joanne — that is truly the hardest part for me! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the reminder to acknowledge what is hard, and then to do it anyway! (I’ll report back on my progress tomorrow) πŸ™‚


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