It’s Never Too Late to Begin

As I continue to explore the question:  “What do women of a ‘certain’ age want?” I am discovering just how important continuous learning, experimenting and experiencing is to living life fully and joyfully.

Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was 76 when severe arthritis made it impossible for her to  cook and sew, pick berries, make preserves, all things she loved to do. Rather than fall into the ennui of doing nothing, she took up painting and, in 1949, at the age of 88 received the Women’s National Press Club Award for “The most outstanding contributor to contemporary thought and achievement.”

It’s never too late to begin.

What if you could begin to live the life you dream of, today?

What if you decided the life you always wanted wasn’t about the things you acquired, like titles and cars and houses and trophies or accomplishments but rather, about being the person you’ve always wanted to be, stepping into doing the things you fear but always dreamt of doing?

Tomorrow morning, I am stepping into the Choices Seminar room for five days of delving into the Be. Do. Have of living life on the other side of my comfort zone.

For five days I shall be immersed in ‘heartspeak’, listening deeply to the dreams and fears, hopes and possibilities of people willing to explore the ‘better’ of what is possible if they choose to let go of believing it’s not. There’s always a reason why we fight against ‘the more’ and the better of what we want in our lives. Beliefs that leave us giving up on ourselves becuase we buy into the notion there’s not much sense in trying to change, because… there’s always a because… “I’ve tried to change, I can’t.” “Why bother?” ‘This is as good as it gets.” “Nobody cares anyway.” “What’s the point?” “I’m just not good at anything else.” “My dreams don’t count.”….

In the Choices Seminar room, people walk in with lives in every state of existence. From working okay to not working at all, from just hanging on to completely checked out. They step into the room carrying their pasts, their pain, their fears, their dreams and limiting beliefs. Some have chips on their shoulders, some, weights on their feet. Some carry arrogance like a shield while others carry their pain like a security blanket. And some come carrying nothing but curiousity because someone they care about has asked them to explore the possibilities, or, they’ve tried everything else, why not prove there is no hope?

No matter their state of being, or reason for being in the room, there is always something in that room that awakens their heart’s desire for the better possibilities of life. Something that says to their heart it’s okay to step into life beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone they’ve grown so familiar with, the pain that feels so protective, the fear that feels so comforting, the beliefs that feel so safe.

I feel so blessed. Sixteen years ago, when I walked into the seminar room, I had no idea what was in store. A friend had asked me to go and I wanted to express my gratitude for all she’d done for me.

I walked in with my attitude, ‘I alreay know it all’ as a shield. I used my arrogance as a barrier. My ‘I’ve done all this work already’ as an excuse not to let my true feelings show. I believed letting people see I ‘felt’ anything other than happines was risky. I believed people were out to get me, that inevitably, being vulnerable would only lead to people hurting me.

Sixteen years later, I can look back at the woman who was on the surface very put together and embrace her fragility and her fears, and love her for having had the courage to risk stepping into somewhere she didn’t think she needed to go anymore. Herself.

How mistaken I was to believe I knew everything there was to know about myself. I am still learning. Still exploring what it means to be me, at any age, any stage of my life.

What a wonderful and miraculous journey.

I am stepping into the Choices Seminar room tomorrow. I am grateful.

Perhaps one day I’ll see you there and we can shine our light togehter to create an even brighter, more loving world.

Because the dream I have for what I want to create more of in this world is Compassion. Joy. Creativity. Love. – and it takes a world of people believing better is possible to make it happen.


Thank you to those who have commented, emailed, phoned to share their thoughts on what women of this certain age do and do not want. Your wisdom and courage is inspiring.  (and it’s not to late to include your voice!) Namaste




13 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Begin

  1. “What do women of a ‘certain’ age want?” … I’ve been wrestling with that since puberty – and I have learned much but nothing deserving of anything beyond a ‘participant ribbon’ …

    Being a man of a certain age is another matter. I am ALWAYS the age I am on the outside and I am ALWAYS of a different age inside; maybe that’s my problem …

    In terms of your ‘thinking/planning/figuring it out’ process, how is that going?

    What have you planned lately?


    What will you plan tomorrow?

    Or, you could just DO …

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    • Part of my ‘doing’ right now is to not plan, to spend the summer ‘unplanned’ — so…. I haven’t planned anything other than I continue to cull through my storage area to get my studio set up. 🙂

      So yes, I’m into DOING. 🙂 Hugs on this rainy day.


    • Great post. I’m only 25 so probably not “the age” you are referring to, but I still see your point.

      My aunt passed away in April last year. She was only 46. Made me think that if I only live til mid forties then I’m more than half way there already. Life’s too short. She had only just moved into her dream house. Spent a lifetime acquiring it and never got to enjoy it. Her youngest child was only 6.

      We work so hard, constantly hustling for the money but what’s the point if you never get to enjoy it? We dream all the time but what if you don’t get to see tomorrow? I was incredibly close to her and miss her daily. Since she passed, my outlook on life has changed drastically and I’m trying my hardest to fill my days with love, kindness, compassion, joy and happiness. Life is a gift; let’s appreciate it whilst we can.


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    • I think it’s because as children, we learned that it was ‘proper’ to hide our feelings – and we adapted to situations we didn’t understand by pretending we did understand or by making up stories about our role in what happened. As we became adults, the habit of adapting was stronger than our capacity to live, unadorned and honest — love that phrase. And yes, it is possible. ❤

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