Life Refuses Nobody

The mornings are darker now. The sun seemingly slower to rise.

Nothing has changed for the sun. It is the earth that has moved. And as it moves, all things change. Like the river flowing past. Constantly moving. Constantly changing. A never ending stream of life flowing to some far away sea that will not refuse it entry when the river reaches its open waters.

Like life. The ocean refuses no river. Life refuses nobody.

Including you and me, even though sometimes, we may resist its natural force, balk at its insistence we flow with it.

Life is constantly flowing.

I breathe and give into the flow.

I breathe and release my resistance to being one with the flow, one with life, with the river.

I breathe and fear takes hold. I stand, uncommitted to the flow, leaning deep into the depths of my ego’s desire to claim my separate nature from nature.

The river keeps flowing. I resist the flow.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” The critter mind celebrates my resistance. “You are not One with some unseen Oneness. You are separate. Singular. Alone.”

I breathe and the voice of wisdom within whispers gently, “Breathe and let be. Breathe and let be. Just as the river is made up of many drops of water flowing as one, life is made of every soul journeying together on planet earth. Let the river carry you into that place where believing you are separate is not necessary.”

I breathe and invite my ego to give up its fight for separateness.

Be your fear and let courage draw you into the flow, the voice of wisdom within whispers to me. Be your courage and let the fear fall away.

I breathe into being and become the courage of my heart’s calling me to be one in this moment, right now.

I breathe. I become all that I am. In the moment. Alive. At peace. Free. I breathe and become all that I am when I let fear fall away and surrender and fall into Love.

And like the river flows past. This moment flows with it. Fleeting. Ethereal. Beautiful. Whole.

The universe refuses no life. And in that knowing is the truth — That sacred knowing that this life, this beauty, this brilliance, this moment is mine, and yours and each of ours to live as best we can, as best we allow, in Love.

Not separate. Not alone.

As One.

No matter how small, how big, how rusty or difficult, how tired or weary, how young or old, the universe refuses no life.

The ocean refuses no river.

The open heart refuses no Love. The open mind no knowing.

And life refuses no body, not me or you or him or her or them.

Life refuses no life.

In that acceptance, in that awareness is the knowing, deep and profound and healing. We are not alone. We are one with life flowing in the ocean of Love flowing all around.

4 thoughts on “Life Refuses Nobody

  1. LG,

    A tad sappy – but good points. This reminds me of something I heard in a movie; it was about a zen master ordering a hot dog. He said, “I’ll have one with everything”.

    p.s. … you really should try Grammarly – the free version works well for most people and helps in two important ways: 1) it causes you to pause a bit, see the mistakes, and polish a bit better – get the better word; 2) it fixes the little things you miss because you are in a hurry, like missed commas, misplaced commas and things like ‘in to instead of into’ …

    Liked by 1 person

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