I wonder.

I am reading an online article about Helen Duncan who was convicted of witchcraft in 1944 in Britain and sentenced to 7 months in prison. She was one of the last women to be convicted of witchcraft under Britain’s archaic Witchcraft Act of 1735.

Bemused by what I am reading, I raise my head for a moment and look outside. I gasp.

The river runs red reflecting the rose-red and golden hues of the morning sky.

I stop reading, grab my phone and run to the deck. I have to capture this beauty.

Back at my desk, I laugh at myself. I became so busy taking photos I forgot to just be with the beauty.

I go back out on the deck, without my phone, and breathe into the sunrise. I listen to the river flowing, the hum of traffic crossing the bridge, the dry leaves rustling in the morning breeze.  In the distance, a train rumbles along the tracks aligning the river. A bird caws as it flies over.

I fill my senses with all that is around me. Morning has broken and I am one with its beauty, mystery and magic.

The pink-streaked sky has vanished. Dull grey-blue clouds blanket the horizon.

The river runs steely-grey.

The day continues on.

I am grateful.

While I was able to capture the photo above, I am even more grateful I remembered to let go of ‘doing’. In choosing to go back out onto the deck, I was reminded to breathe and let myself be with the feelings and sensations of standing in the chill of morning, allowing the beauty of a dawn-streaked morning to enter my awareness and imbue my body with its brilliance.

I am grateful I let go of capturing the moment to simply be present in its beauty and awe.

And I wonder… how often do I let go of being present to ‘get ‘er done‘ or to capture some one-dimensional impression of what is, rather than being in felt relationship with all that is?

I wonder.


19 thoughts on “I wonder.

    • Thanks Mark! I shall watch the video today! And yup — if you are everybody should be! 🙂 (I’m reading a wonderful book about that thinking — Robert Wolff’s, Original Wisdom, Stories of an ancient way of knowing – well worth the read.


  1. My perspective is that I want to capture the moment so I can remember it. I take a lot of sunset pictures (a LOT) but I do it from my back step while I am watching the sky light up. No pictures ever capture the colours and the feelings but they remind me that I experienced that.

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  2. I wonder if, at the same spot, you shot a picture one-minute earlier or one minute later, what scenery would you catch?
    What I wanted to say is life is like the scenery keeping on changing. Every minute there is a new “me”! We can never hold on yesterday, can not tell what the next minute would be. But we can hold the present! Don’t let it slip away with empty hands.
    “Present” is the greatest gift from God. Be grateful, and enjoy it! We should use every minute wisely to respond to God’s goodwill.
    And I also want to say, I AM using every second God gives me! Because I’m typing with a stick, Every 1.50-second one letter jumps onto the screen. At least from the beginning to respond to your “I wonder”, letters keeping jumping onto the screen, I am using every second wisely!
    For an 83 handicapped lady, talking can be on and on and on! I’d better stop now before you tell me to “Stop!”!

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    • You are a very wise woman Myra and I am grateful for your stopping by to share your wisdom and your lovely insights. What an amazing story and journey you have. Grateful we have connected. I look forward to more of your beautiful thoughts and light.

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