Life is an adventure on the wild side

Life is an adventure on the wild side.
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There was a time when I believed in magic, in fairytales, happily ever after and make-believe. And then, life happened and fairytales became nightmares and happily ever after turned out to be the road to hell.

Fairytales are metaphors for life. They are not life.

Listen to the wind calling your heart to run wild

And happily-ever-after disempowers our lives through its rosy glow of a perfect future where the dragon is slain and the frog becomes a prince and the castle awakens as the sleeping princess arises from a bed of thorns that magically becomes a garden of roses.

In my world today, fairytales are great stories to tell, but the greatest story of all time is a life well-lived. A life rich with love and joy in spite of and in the face of sorrow, sadness, loss and challenges.

Life happens on the wild side of being alive.

Today, I still believe in magic, miracles and mystery.

I just don’t believe it’s someone else’s job to create it all for me.

That’s my job.

See, life has its thorny patches where falling asleep seems like the preferred option to finding your path through the brambles. But falling asleep doesn’t resolve anything. It just postpones it.

To live life fully, we must be courageous and brave. We must be willing to clear away brambles and slay dragons and transform scorched earth into a garden. We must do the work.

We must awaken to our own capacity to be both the dragon slayer and the garden-maker in our lives.

We must awaken.



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