Farewell Fair Tofino

Amidst fears of war and revenge, of wildfires destroying homes and lives, of floods and storms washing away villages, drowning hope, I sit by the edge of the sea and seek the solace of the waves flowing in, flowing out. Flowing in. Flowing out.

To the west, the vastness of the ocean stretches away, touching land in far off China.

To the east, coastal forests climb up mountainsides creating an impenetrable barrier penetrated only by one long winding sliver of road giving access to the world beyond.

Troubles diminish here by the sea.  Death and bombs. Fire and floods. Anger. Revenge. They feel so foreign. So far away.

Me and My Shadow

We are leaving today. Travelling east. Travelling across land and water and land again to return to our home on the river.

For five days, Middle Beach Lodge has been our home away from home. Our solace. Our retreat.

It has been divine. Restful. Regenerative.

Perched upon the cliff, above Mackenzie Beach, the lodge offers an expansive view of the waves crashing against the rocks, the trees dancing in the wind and the ocean undulating out towards the horizon.

Low tide beauty

And more than anything, it creates a comforting and caring environment in which to savour the moment and all its beauty and possibilities.

Years ago, when my daughters were in junior high and high school, I would bring them here every Spring break for a week of fun in the sands, leaping across rock-strewn beaches and run along boardwalks through the rainforest.

It was a time of magic. A time of connectedness. Memory building. Joy.

While C.C. and I do not tend mores towards sauntering than leaping and running, it continues to be a time of magic. Connectedness and memory building.

My writing, reading spot.

This is the first time we have come here together without Beaumont our Sheepadoodle. And while, his antics are priceless as he races through the waves trying to catch seafoam and flotsam, we have treasured this time away without any responsibilities other than to be present to one another.

We start the journey home today. We take with us the peace and joy that has come with being in this place where land and sea unite in a beautiful dance of life come undone from the cares of the world.

See you on the other side of the Rockies.



5 thoughts on “Farewell Fair Tofino

  1. So beautifully written, Louise. All you tell so poetically is exactly how I feel myself about the sea / ocean. It is revitalising and calming. Troubles do seem smaller and have less impact. We feel ourselves in the big scheme of things.


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  2. I can almost feel the spray of the ocean droplets from the crashing waves. Re-energizing one’s inner self as you have just done is a memorable way to welcome a new decade. Namaste!

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