Love is Greater than Fear.

Love is Greater Than Fear
2020 Louise Gallagher

The river flows in one direction.
It cannot flow backwards.
Fear does not honour the river’s flow
flooding my senses with its insistence
I must heed its warnings. Give into its cacophony.

I take a breath and dive under the river’s surface.
The water is calmer here. Quieter.
The current moves me effortlessly within the river’s flow.
Gratitude rises. I float gracefully in its welcome embrace.

Gently, I lift my head to feel the air above and catch my breath.
There is so much beauty in the air above all my fear.
I dip back down beneath the river’s surface.
The memory of the beauty everywhere buoys me up.

No matter how deep or broad or high my fear,
Love is greater.

No matter how dark or long or weary the night,
Love is lighter.

And, no matter how frightened I feel,
Love is always flowing,
Constantly, eternally it flows
within and all around me.

11 thoughts on “Love is Greater than Fear.

  1. Yes, Louise…such truth. Love is greater than fear and when I start to fall down that rabbit hole and the anxiety starts to rise up in my throat, I direct all the energy back to my heart center and picture it radiating beautiful white light. And that white light magnifies and becomes golden and it surrounds my whole being!
    Stay safe Louise. I know you understand the important things…Be well! ❤

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