An Image of Love

A collective painting. Created at our wedding celebration, April 25, 2015 by everyone who was there.

This painting tells a story. It is a story of Love. Family. Friends. Marriage. Union. Communion. Hearts intertwining and lives weaving together to form a beautiful, vibrant tapestry of life today and everyday.

It is the painting my beloved and I created, along with our family and friends who had come together on this day, five years ago, to celebrate our union in marriage.

The day began with pouring rain. Cats and dogs as they say.

I was disappointed. We’d chosen Bench 1775 Winery in Naramata, BC because of their deck overlooking Okanagan Lake and the incredible views it offered of the vineyards, the lake and the surrounding mountains.

By 11am I had to make the decision — we would not be getting married on the deck. We’d have to set-up in the tasting room and the tent we’d had erected for the occasion.

By 2pm everything was ready and I raced back to Therapy Vineyards Guesthouse, where we were staying, to get ready. (I know. I left it kind of late but I really wanted everything to look ‘just so’, even if we weren’t going to be out on the deck).

While Charles and his son got ready at the Bench, my two daughters, step-daughter and I laughed and drank champagne as we got dressed at Therapy. The girls did each other’s make-up and mine. Ross, our photographer quietly took photos and Tim, C.C. and my best man, ensured we had everything we needed. Though, getting to the ‘deck’ on time was not high on the agenda, we definitely had fun and were looking ‘smokin’ hot’ by the time we were ready to go.

At quarter to four, the time we were supposed to leave to get to the ‘church’ on time for a 4pm wedding, we still weren’t quite ready. I jokingly said it was, ‘my day’ and I’d be late if I wanted to! (queue It’s my party… though the only thing I would have possibly cried about on that day was the weather but even it seemed to be lifting the shroud of grey and mist that had enveloped the lake and valley all day).

At 10 to 4 a friend text me from Bench 1775 where our guests were all seated, inside, waiting for the big moment. Three simple words. “The sun’s out.” Followed by a series of smiley face emoticons.

I promptly text back. “Tell them to move the chairs outside.”

Momentary silence. And then she text back. “Ok. Done.”

She stood up, called out to the 50+ people gathered for the celebration and said, “Louise wants to move the wedding outside. Everybody pick up your chair and move!”

And so they did. Amidst lots of laughter and shaking of their heads and possibly a few, “Seriously?  What on earth is she thinking?”

Five years later, that day is still indelibly written on my memory. It was a day of laughter, joy, friendship and familial bonds shining in the sunlight that streamed in through a gap in the mountains lining the lake on the western side.

It was a day of vows committed beneath a cerulean sky dotted with fluffy white clouds, vows that continue to reflect and inform and enrich our marriage today.

It was a day to say, I Do.

As I sit in our home today, I feel the power of that ‘I Do’  resonating throughout my being. There is no one I’d rather be sequestered in solitude with during this time of Covid’s forced isolation.

While this virus might be coursing around the globe, our home is filled with the love and wonder of that day. It is imbued with the spirit of the hearts of everyone who gathered together to witness, to celebrate, to share, to dance and laugh and… to create an Image of Love with C.C. and me.

The painting we collectively created hangs on the wall as you enter our front door. It is a reminder of the one thing that endures, sustains. nourishes and abides no matter the weather or the times, no matter how dark or easy the path, no matter where in the world we are.




24 thoughts on “An Image of Love

  1. Wow! Happy anniversary, Louise! What a great idea the collective painting was! And the sky in those photos …. you couldn’t have planned it any better — and the guests moving their own chairs back to the deck is priceless. Well done.

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  2. Happy Anniversary, Louise. This is so beautiful. The girls are gorgeous, love the skirts, and especially love your outfit.

    Thank you for sharing your special day back story. Now, maybe a post about how you two met?
    I’m always curious to know how people met.

    I wish you love, always.

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    • Thank you Sawsan — a back story about my outfit… my mother was unable to join us on that day as travelling was no longer viable for her. I really wanted her to be part of the ceremony so I found a fabric I loved that was hand-embroidered in India, where she was born, and had it made into a skirt. I wanted a skirt that floated out and spun as I twirled when I danced — and that’s what I got. 🙂 I made my bouquet broach out of broaches from friends and family, including my mother, my husband’s great aunt, one of my aunt’s from India etc. It weighed a ton — as one friend said when he hefted it — Ahhh. A Wedding Mace. Charles better not step out of line! 🙂

      As to the ‘meeting story’. Yup. Definitely a story to be told on another day…. 🙂

      Thanks again.

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  3. My first thought was also WOW! What a beautiful wedding day – the sun came out just for you. I love the photos – you all look amazing. I can feel all the joy and laughter and your vows were incredible – you have such an incredible way with words – no surprises there. Enjoy your very special day with your very special man!❤️

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    • Thank you so much Val! Funny story about the vows. My daughters teased me endlessly about my novel — Charles’ were a few short lines — and the meaning and depth of his said as much if not more than my novel! 🙂 When it came time to repeat them, I shortened mine mid-ceremony as, while the sun did come out, it did not warm up too significantly and I was really, cold. 🙂


  4. Congrats on your fifth anniversary! Your day unfolded as it should, a bit of weather stress that quickly evolved into a beautiful memorable event. Make today a day of no fuss, no muss, just the two of you. Share a bottle, or two, of vin rouge, maybe a martini or two, with soft, sultry jazz gently wafting through the air! Yours to enjoy, create yet another memorable day. Hugs with a 🍷! I & M

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    • Oooohhhhhh. Sultry jazz and a martini! Now that sounds mighty inviting! ❤ thanks so much Iwona. The weather is gorgeous. Perfect for sitting on the deck and watching the river flow by as we bask in the sunshine and Love. ❤


  5. Louise, thank you for letting us take part of this most beautiful wedding.
    Congratulations to you and your beloved. You do indeed look so much in love, it shines and sparkles.
    The whole spontaneity of the whole ceremony makes me tear eyed. You really do look most gorgeous in that special outfit – so thought through as well. Love in every detail and not forgetting the remarkable painting.
    May you continue living in this deep warmth and bliss.


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    • Thank you so much Miriam. It was a lovely day. My youngest daughter and her partner, as well as our best man dropped by for a socially appropriate distanced glass of bubbly. We facetimed with our friend who married us and his wife. We FT with my eldest daughter and enjoyed a beautiful early evening on the deck savouring a glass of wine from Bench 1775 (the vineyard where we got married) and then had a lovely dinner.

      Oh! And I skunked my husband at Crib! 🙂

      It was a lovely day.

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  6. It was such a wonderful day….a beautiful union of 2 very special people and their fabulous families. The sun came out just as they were united. How perfect! Congratulations and enjoy your special day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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