Laughing Matters

Art Journal
Cover is made from an empty Triscuit box.

I laugh at myself, a lot. I mean, really. Laugh hard.

I find myself quite amusing. But then, I have to because sometimes the things I do would make me cry if I take myself too seriously.

Like yesterday. I’ve been working on a video for art journaling. It’s a how to video on creating an art journal cover out of an empty cracker box (aka Triscuit box or Ritz etc).

Yesterday, I set everything up to get started. Laid out all my supplies. Put my iPhone into the tripod and made sure my workspace was centered in the viewfiner.

And I began.

After about an hour of videoing, stopping to organize something, videoing again,I had the cover glued down and the paper I wanted to use as the background all cut out.

Feeling pretty impressed with myself in fact.

Until I checked my video feed.

When I thought I was recording I was actually in pause. And my pause moments were actually recording!

I really had to laugh at myself. I mean, seriously. How could I be so fascinatingly funny?

And it gets better. Earlier in the day, I was working on my website updates and accidentally deleted the certificate I need to keep it all safe. No, the technical support person at GoDaddy told me, you cannot reverse the action. It’s gone.

I now have to reapply for it — and that will take up to 72 hours – of course that’s once the initial process of uploading my website is finished.

Arrgh!  I finally get around to working on my website and I mess it up!

Yup. Definitely had to laugh at myself for that one.

There are so many wonderful opportunities to laugh at myself during the day. And maybe even learn (and relearn) a lesson or too for future reference. Like… triple check, no quadruple check instructions before pressing any technology related buttons!

Then there’s the funny events that transpired from a visit we had with a friend who dropped by for an appropriately distanced visit outside on the lawn a couple of evenings ago. He mentioned that he would have called before dropping over but he still hasn’t replaced his Canadian cell phone. (He’d returned from out of country just as the lockdown started and hadn’t been able to acquire a phone yet.)

As I still haven’t cancelled the plan on the phone I’d given my mom a couple of years ago, I gave it to him so that he could use it until he is able to organize his own phone.

I didn’t know the number off by heart and the phone was dead. So, he took it home with him to charge. Yesterday morning, as I sat at my desk typing, my phone rang beside me. I looked at it and it read, “Mom Calling”.

What?! They’ve got cell service on ‘the other side”?

I started to laugh. OMG! For a moment I actually thought my mother was calling me from where ever she is now that she’s gone from this earthly plane!

Yup. Laughing matters. It’s good medicine.

Oh. And then there’s my Sourdough Starter. The first batch died. At least that’s what I thought. I’ve started a second batch but in the process of my researching what might have gone wrong with the first one I discovered it probably hadn’t died but just needed some TLC.  Too late. I’d already thrown it out!

See. So many opportunities to see the funny side of life when I stop taking myself so seriously.

What about you? When did you last laugh at yourself just for the pure joy of discovering how fascinating you truly are – when you quit taking yourself too seriously?

Go ahead. Laugh now!

It’s good medicine.

6 thoughts on “Laughing Matters

  1. Thank goodness I am not the only one who has those “aha” moments of screw-ups that turn into fits of giggles. I have had three such instances since the end of February and they all related to baking. I much prefer cooking to baking so maybe three times, strike out, give up. Nope, I am more determined than ever to conquer the finicky world of baking, laughing all the way.

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  2. Louise … where you laugh, others might whine. Laughter is better. Here’s a question though. Why do we laugh (or whine) at our failures, but we let a picture of an amazingly beautiful journal sit at the top of a blog post without falling at it’s feet proclaiming our undying love or laughing at the sheer beauty of it?

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    • Your comment made me laugh Joyce! ❤

      Good question — I originally had a photo of my arm reaching up to turn 'on' the video when it was actually turning it 'off' – nowhere near as beautiful as my journal cover — thank you. I don't know the answer. I think possibly because perceived 'failure' is such a rich opportunity to step into our humanity with grace (or awkwardness) 🙂 Our choice.

      many hugs my friend. Thank you.

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