Everything I Create. I Am.

A quadriptych of bookmarks created on cast-off pieces of watercolour paper.

I wrote the following in response to a post David Kanigan of Live & Learn shared this morning. (Do go check it out — the quote and his photo are beautiful and provocative and peace-inducing. Click HERE)

“For the past month, I have been creating daily what I’ve called my Sheltered Wonder Art Journal. I wanted to explore what Covid brought beyond sickness and death, fear and loss.

Covid brought silence. Deep. Meaningful. Exquisite, and sometimes painful, silence. It brought the opportunity to walk at a quieter pace, to speak more slowly, to act more thoughtfully, to be present in this moment more completely. To be still within the silence and the noise.

These are the lessons from these times I want to embrace. To carry with me. To hold as true to living a rich, fulfilled and compassionate life that does not seek its purpose in getting more out of life, but discovers it in giving more to enrich life on this planet we call home through everything I do. Everything I create. Everything I am.

David, a master of words, condensed my response into two powerful sentences:

Everything I create. I am.

Yesterday, I had intended to take a rest day from the studio. And then, as she does, the muse floated in on a wave of joy enticing me to create ‘something’. “If everything you are is what you create, then what are you creating with your today Louise?” – I’m pretty sure she would have asked that if she’d read David’s response to my comment.

What am I creating?

Everything I create is an expression of my essence. My creative core. My joy. My love. My curiosity. And, my fears and sadnesses. My worries and confusions.

What I create is a reflection of all of me. I cannot separate one from the other. Everything I create. I am.

Not just in the studio, or the kitchen, but everywhere in my life.

Everything I create. I am.

When I let anger become my voice through words that hurt, I am those words. I am that anger.

When I allow fear to raise my arms against another, or turn my back on their suffering, I am that raised arm. I am that suffering. I am that fear.

And when I embrace life in all its beautiful nature and imbue everything in my world with Love of all life on this planet earth, I am that Love in all its beautiful nature.

Everything I create. I am.

I can chose to create from a place of anger, fear, worry. Or, I can choose to allow Love to be my inspiration. My muse. My spark.

Whatever I create. It is a reflection of all that I am.

Everything I create. I am.

I am sitting within the beauty and invitation of those words. Allowing them to slowly float down out of my conscious awareness deep into my belly to become my entire body attuned to their resonance.

Everything I create. I am.


12 thoughts on “Everything I Create. I Am.

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    • It’s such a lovely reciprocity David — the words I was moved to write savouring the photo and quote you shared, lead to my words moving you — how delightful! And thank you for the lovely mention. ❤


  2. You, therefore, are THE CREATOR

    Not making a religious comment, to taking a shot by playing with words – but if there was ever a hook to hold our questions or beliefs on, this is the one.

    And, the premise should hold, we all are (or can be) creators.

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  3. Many, many years ago I took a course on Creative Writing. The instructor, an author, had one simple message.
    “Every time one puts pen to paper, or brush to canvas, we create. We own what we create. The beauty and meaning of the creation is interpreted by the reader, the viewer.”
    When the words or art are powerful In their message, the reader and the viewer have received a gift from the creator. Thank you!

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    • Thank you Iwona for your beautiful words of affirmation and encouragement. I don’t think, as a writer, artist, creator that there is anything more uplifting for my heart than to know, my viewer feels they have received a gift through what I created. Hugs ❤


  4. They say, life is the best teacher. I do believe that each situation is a lesson and each learning an enhancement of our skills. I’ve seen that growth Louise, wherever our muse takes us, we have to follow her. Only then would she sparkle. Stay blessed.

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    • I am so with you on this one Balroop — life is the greatest teacher – and when we stay open to its teachings, we learn how to deepen our humanity, our art, our creations — and the muse smiles and sparkles.

      Many, many blessings to you my friend. ❤


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