Always. There Is Love.

Photo by Britt Gil

I remember the first time I heard her cry. She was inside the womb. The doctor was about to cut in when he stopped momentarily so that I could hear her cry. Within. My body.

I remember hearing her sweet, precious voice.

And I remember the feeling of Love that washed over me, consumed me and never let me go.

34 years ago today, I heard my eldest daughter, Alexis, cry for the first time. Over the years, there would be many more tears and much more laughter and giggles and lilting songs and poetry read fierce. Sometimes there would be angry words and sometimes, gentle words and sometimes curious words and always. There was Love.

Alexis age 2

No matter the times. The words. The thoughts and feelings. Always. There was Love.

It is her trademark. To love fiercely. In light and darkness. To care deeply. In joy and sorrow. To speak truth. In courage and in fear.

Alexis is a truth-sayer. If you follow her posts on Instagram, you will hear the clarity and beauty of her voice as she speaks truth about the things that matter most.




Living true and fierce.

About being human. In all our complexities and challenges. In all our beauty and darkness. About dispelling myths and untruths and injustice and racism.

She has always been that way.

Speaking truth so that the light can shine brighter in the darkness of our human condition.

Speaking truth so that we can see the wonder of our humanity.

Speaking truth so that we can create better, do better, become more… human.

She is fierce. She is loving. She is loyal. She is true.

And soon, she will be the mother to her second child. A daughter.

And she will be for her daughter as she is for her son. Loving. Caring. Fierce. Loyal and true.

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It is her way.

It always has been. Because, no matter where Alexis goes. What she does. What she says and writes and creates. Always. There is Love.

34 years ago today, I heard her cry for the first time and in her cries, I felt my heart. Break. Open. In Love.

And still today, she continues to break my heart open in Love. Every single day of her life.

She is the gift whose beauty deepens and enriches my life through the Love she gives so generously and so completely. For always, no matter what. Where there is Alexis. Always. There is Love.

She is my daughter and I am so very, very grateful.

Happy Birthday Alexis!

20 thoughts on “Always. There Is Love.

    • Thank you Bernie! When I read what she writes, she takes my breath away. (I even get writer’s envy!:) ) And, when I see what she creates with paint and canvas – oh my – again, she takes my breath away. ❤


      • That’s funny because often when I read what you write I get writer’s envy and start to question myself. And your paintings regularly wow me! Does she blog or just write privately?

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      • She blogged for a couple of years and then, work, life, family interrupted her flow. When she was blogging regularly I was constantly blown away — her honesty and insightfulness are amazing. I live with the hope she will start writing again! Soon. but also know the next while will be an adjustment.


  1. Louise, you have written the most beautiful truth to your daughter on her birthday. How lucky we are to be able to share it.
    I so understand your feeling, the Love that is born with the child.
    You say Alexis is a truthsayer, I have a daughter who is also a truthsayer. It is like springs of clear water.


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    • Oooh. Love that description Miriam. “Springs of clear water.” That is exactly how it is — even when it’s uncomfortable or stormy, it is always this beautiful spring of clear water running fresh truths through the muddiness of life’s chaos. ❤

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  2. WOW – I enjoyed this tribute to your daughter Alexis very much. I read it a few times to let it all soak in. Alexis is a very courageous and loving soul much like her mom. I hope you don’t mind but I sent it to my daughter who really enjoyed and appreciated it as well. Thanks for sharing such an amazing tribute to your dear sweet daughter.

    Liked by 2 people

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