Give A Dawg Some Peace (An SWB Blog)

Beaumont: Seriously. Who let the cat on the bed?

Me: Ummm… Beau. Who let the dawg on?

Beau: Ya but, I live here.

Me: Yabuts run in fields.

Beau: Oh my. Yabuts. Rabbits. Ha! Ha! You probably think you’re funny.

Me: Don’t you?

Beau: Nope.

Louise: Not even a little bit…?

Beau: Nope. Now, my friends Rod and Anne and Mitzi. Oh, and CeZar too! They’re funny. You… Well, let’s just say you could use some practice at fun and funny.

Me: You mean like how I didn’t think it was funny you ran through the invisible screen door yesterday.

To read the rest, CLICK HERE and join Beaumont on his blog – Sundays With Beaumont.

He really hopes you do! He loves your company!

9 thoughts on “Give A Dawg Some Peace (An SWB Blog)

  1. So Beaumont, do you realize just how lucky you are. Not only do you have your own Sundays with Beaumont blog, it gets a second airing, so to speak, on your hooman’s blog. One lucky four-legged furry friend art thou. I know you just want to make sure that your followers don’t miss out on your woofs of wisdom. Smart thinking! Now about that cat …

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