It’s Beau’s 8th birthday this week – he has ideas about what he deserves as a present as well as a lot to say about my 100% accountability — which apparently I don’t always do well at (according to Beau!) :).

It’s Martha’s — his cousin, – birthday today — he also has ideas and thoughts about what she’s doing on ‘HIS’ bed!

It’s all on his blog today — at least the birthday part. She’ll be here for the next week so it’s highly possible he’ll have lots to say about that next Sunday!

The Journey of Discovery – an SWB post

It is the morning (early/early morning) of the fifth and final day of the first segment of the Discovery Seminars program.

I feel tired (getting up at 3:30am does that – but then, I was asleep by 9:30pm last night so six hours is pretty goo…).

I feel exhilarated (witnessing hearts breaking open and miracles popping all around the room will do that).

And, I feel grateful.

Grateful for the opportunity to be back in the room after a four year hiatus.

Grateful to have broken free of my own stubborn belief I didn’t need to be back in the room.

And, grateful for the miracles I witnessed that remind me, miracles are everywhere. To experience them all I have to do is believe in the power of Love to heal broken hearts and dreams, to soothe fears about not being worthy and to calm troubled hearts aching to let go of the past.

What a gift and blessing this week has been.

Beaumont and I have a conversation about it this morning. As always, he reminds me that my ‘head brain’ is not always my best friend.

I hope you come and visit us at Sundays with Beaumont.


The No. 1 Rule (An SWB post)

Me: So…. I suppose you think that’s pretty clever…

Beaumont: What’s that?

Me: The toy you’ve torn apart.

Beau: What toy?

Me: The one between your paws.

Beau: It wasn’t a toy Louise.

Me: It wasn’t?

Beau: No!!! It was a pesky marauding invader masquerading as a stuffed sheep. I killed it dead so it wouldn’t infest our home with its nefarious ways.

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AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH is not a word (An SWB post)

I awoke in the middle of the night to hot-stinky breath in my face and a whole lot of panting. It wasn’t C.C….. 🙂 The wind was blowing. Beaumont was pacing…. AAARRRGGGHHHH

Me: Beau. Wake-up. It’s time to go to the park.

Beaumont: Shhhh. I’m sleeping.

Me: What’s with you. You always want to go to the park.

Beau: Did you hear that wind last night? Vicious. I had to pace and keep watch just in case.

Me: Actually you didn’t. You could have just slept through it.

Beau: Then who would have protected you?

Me: Ummm… protected us from what?

Beau: The wind.

Me: Why do we need protection from the wind?

Beau: Isn’t the more appropriate response, “Thank you.”?

Me: What am I thanking you for?

Beau: I told you. Protecting you from the wind.

Me: And again, I ask…

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Beau and Waiting for Godot (an SWB post)

Me: Beaumont. What are you doing?

Beau: Waiting for Uncle Jim.

Me: It’s noon Beau. Dinner’s at 6.

Beau: I’m a dawg. Time is inconsequential.

Me: In that case, you’re in for a long wait.

Beau: Like Vladimir and Estragon, I wait.

Me: Ummm…. Beau. They were characters in a play. You’re here in real life.

Beau: You of all people Louise, should know life is a stage.

Me: Oh dawg! Are you going to quote Shakespeare now? Please don’t.

Beau: Would you prefer I quote from Waiting for Godawgt?

Me: It’s Waiting for Godot, Beau.

Beau: Not if you’re a dawg.

Me: Can we please just have a normal conversation?

Beau: Louise. You’re having a conversation with a dawg. What’s normal about that?

Beau hopes you come and read the rest… Just click HERE