It will all be ok. (An SWB post)

Beaumont: Louise, I am really not happy with you.

Me: Oh. Why’s that Beau?

Beau: Do I really need to tell you?

Me: If you want me to know what you’re thinking. Yes.

Beau: Seriously Louise. You expect me (and my fans) to believe you don’t know what I’m thinking when you write these posts every Sunday.

Me: Yes Beau. I do.

Beau: Fine. Then I’ll tell you.

Me: Oh good. The suspense is killing me.

To get out of your suspense (I know you’re curious! 🙂 ) please do join Beau on his blog today. He soooo wants your ears and support!

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Beau’s Rules for Being…

Rule no. 1 — do not put your dawg in a hooman hat!

Beaumont has asked to interrupt our normal Sunday conversation so he can share his rules for being a better hooman.

Says Beau… Dawgs know how to have fun! We are 100% immersed in the joy of play while you hoomans are 100% immersed in getting it right. Life isn’t about getting it right. It’s about doing the right things at the right time and not sweating the stuff in between.

So here’s the deal folks. You can learn a lot from us four-legged’s.

He sure hopes you join him on his blog, Sundays with Beaumont today — you know what to do… just click the link HERE.

Oh. and btw… here’s a song he was singing this morning… just because…!

This Ain’t No Bad Attitude. An SWB Post

Beaumont: Louise. I’m confused.

Me: Oh dear. What now Beau?

Beau: Excuse me, but that is not an appropriate response to my comment.

Me: What? You’re the comment police now?

Beau: No. But I do serve as your conscience.

Me: (sigh) I don’t need you to ‘serve’ as my conscience Beau. I’ve capable of doing that myself.

Beau: Well if that were the case, you wouldn’t act so unconscionably at times now would you?

Me: Oh Dawg. Can’t you ever give me a break?

Do come and read the rest on Sundays with Beaumont! He really wants you to take a break! 🙂

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Rapper Top Dawg Beau (an SWB post)

Beaumont: I don’t get it Louise.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Well… Morning has broken / I’m awoken / and you’re sitting at your desk / putting my patience to the test.

Me: Are you trying to be funny?

Beau: Who me? I’m just trying to use words creatively to get your attention.

Me: I don’t like rhyming couplets. I don’t write in them. I don’t think you should speak in them thus forcing me to type them.

Beau: Hey Louise. When the muse calls… I follow.

Me: Don’t you go throwing my words back at me, Beau.

…… To read the rest, and to check out Beau’s rad rappin’ style, (ok. so it’s not that rad and is quite bad but hey! he’s a dawg… 🙂 ) (and yes, I know that was my (pretty bad) attempt to rap) but seriously, there’s lots of fun at Sundays with Beaumont today so c’mon over to his place – you know what to do…. just click HERE…

I Was Here First (An SWB post)

I Was Here First – Where Beaumont gives me a lesson on being the Squirrel Patrol watch dawg and I have to move ’cause y’a know… it’s his chaise!

And you know what to do…. just click the link!

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I Was Here First

The Zen Master and The Dawg (an SWB story)

Beau with his face stuck in mine while I am lying on my yoga mat

Beaumont: Louise! Louise!…. you dead?

Me: No Beau. I’m in Savasana pose.

Beau: You look it.

Me: What’s that supposed to mean?

Beau: It ain’t called ‘the corpse pose’ for nothing Louise

Me: Oh wow. You know that?

Beau: You know Yoga was invented by dogs. Right?

To find out how join Beau on his blog today! He’s a real master at telling the story… his way! You know what to do… just click HERE…

I Dawg You Lots! (An SWB post)

So… this morning I let Beaumont the Sheepadoodle write his own Dawlentine’s Day post! And yes, as always, I seem to bear the brunt of his… attitude.

It includes a poem he wrote just for you, his favourite peeps!

He asks that you puhleaaassse, pretty please with a dawgie bone on top, come and visit him on his blog so he can slobber you with Dawlentine’s Day love!

You know what to do… just click the link and c’mon over!

And below is my Valentine’s Day Love contribution!

A Little Privacy Please (An SWB Post)

Beaumont follows me everywhere in the house. Including the bathroom.

Today, he gives me a lesson in every dawg’s need for privacy.

Click HERE and come and join him on his blog. He’ll be really happy you did! As I’m sure so will I ’cause I’m hoping someone agrees with me — he is incorrigible! 🙂

and… just to entice you… here’s a preview…

A Little Privacy Please

Beaumont: I don’t get it.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Why I can’t come in.

Me: I’m going to the bathroom Beau. I would like to go alone.

Beau: You don’t let me go alone.

Me: That’s different.

Beau: Different how?

Me: Well… you go outside. There’s no door.

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Where’s My Gift? An SWB Post

Sundays With Beaumont – Where’s My Gift?

Me: C’mon Beau. We’ve got to get up.

Beau: Why? I’m cosy.

Me: We’ve got Wilma’s birthday party to go to at the park.

Beau: Whaaatttt???? A party! Why didn’t you say so!

Me: I just did.

Beau: Haha. Yeah. I know. But why didn’t you say so early so I could have put on a tux and maybe brushed my hair.

Me: Oh don’t worry about that. I was thinking of putting on your coat.

Beau: The cow coat!!!!!!!

Me: Yeah. The cow coat.

Beau: Not happening.

Me: But it’s cold outside.

Beau: I repeat. Not happening.

…Does he or doesn’t he? Wear the coat? Come visit Beau on his blog today and find out! There’s birthday treats too!

Just CLICK HERE to read the rest! 🙂 he’ll be so happy to see you! With or without his cow coat.

The Squirrel Hunter (an SWB story)

Me: Beaumont. We need to talk.

Beau: I’m busy.

Me: Beau….

Beau: Yah. Yah. Yah. Whatever.

Me: Beaumont. This is serious.

Beau: Taking me to the groomers and inflicting all that brushing and fluffing on me is serious Louise. If what you wanna talk about is what I think you wanna talk about, well that’s not serious. It’s just dawgie nature.

Me: Catching a squirrel isn’t serious?

To read the rest of Beau’s misadventure with a squirrel, click HERE to go to Sundays with Beaumont (I know! A dawg with a blog! Imagine! 🙂 ) He hopes to see you there!