Fall Deeper

Friday morning. Days turn into weeks. And then months.

Forest fire smoke that clouded the sky has lifted. Leaves are falling as the season turns from summer to golden autumn.

And I find myself curving back into myself, again and again, where I fall, deeper and deeper into Love’s way with every step I take.

11 thoughts on “Fall Deeper

  1. Fall and it’s amazing colours along with the crispness in the air is just so inviting to get outside for a walk with my camera and capture all of the leaves with their rich and vibrant colours. So breathtakingly beautiful wishing the season could last much longer but so thankful for the time that we do have………feeling so alive, so blessed and grateful for so many reasons. Love your photo and post Louise.

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  2. Warm Fall colours evolve into the cold crisp white snow of Winter that segues into pastel hues of Spring as Mother Earth awakens and blossoms into vivid hues of Summer – the cycle continues only hindered by forces, at times yet unknown to mankind.

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