Let It Be And Love Will Have Its Way

For several days now, the Beatles iconic hit, Let It Be, has been playing through my mind.

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

When I chatted with both my sisters yesterday we talked about how this is our first Christmas without mom. And, though her arthritis had made it too painful for her to make the journey to join us at our Christmas dinner table, she was always present.

My mother loved Christmas. In her 80s, living alone in a one-bedroom apartment, she would spend days decorating it up with boughs and bows, glitter and glitz. Garlands of fir, poinsettias, stars and angels graced every surface.

And always, her small Christmas tree was placed on a table visible from every corner of the living room. And Mary and Joseph and all the animals were placed in the manger in the middle of her sideboard. Of course, just as when I was a child, the baby Jesus would not be amongst them. At least not until Christmas eve when, as if by magic, we’d return home from midnight mass and there he’d be, lying peacefully on the straw, surrounded by his tiny family of Mary, Joseph, the animals and the three Kings.

He was only a small clay infant swaddled in a white cloth but he held such magic for me.

Of course, Santa would also have paid a visit while we were out so after a cursory check to make sure the baby was safely tucked into his place of honour, I’d run off to join my siblings in “The Great Christmas Present Opening Mayhem”.

What I remember most about my mom in those bygone Christmases is how she never sat down when we got home from midnight mass. While the rest of us raced in to check out what had appeared under the tree, she’d head straight to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on ‘Le Réveillon de Noël’, our post-midnight feast. And to wrap some last-minute gifts because, inevitably, my father would have invited friends from church to join in the festivities. And in my mother’s house, no one ever left empty-handed.

While we kids tore into the gift-laden tree, my father would pour drinks and mum would glide in and out of the room carrying platters of mince tarts and deviled eggs and cheeses. By 1am, I’d be yawning and trying desperately to keep my eyes open as the Tourtière was carried in.

And the eating and drinking would get down to business as I sleepily watched the mayhem unfolding around me.

I think it is the mayhem I miss.

The comings and goings, the toing’s and froing’s of getting ready for Christmas throughout the month. And, of course, the staying out of trouble to stay on the ‘good’ side of Santa’s list.

Staying on the ‘good’ side of Santa’s list was a struggle for me as a child. But in December, without my mother’s eagle eyes watching my every move and with my siblings equally as excited about Santa’s visit, (which gave them less opportunity to tattle on me) it seemed easier to stay out of trouble – though as the youngest of four whose nickname was, “The Brat”, getting into trouble came too easily to me. At least, that’s what my mother told me.

But at Christmastime, she was so busy shopping and cooking and decorating and wrapping gifts and volunteering at the church, she didn’t have as much time to notice when I wasn’t behaving ‘like the others’, which was her most frequent request of me.

Even as a child, that one confused me. “How could I be like the others if I was going to be me?” I’d ask her, innocently enough (at least in the beginning) but, as the years went on and her desire for me to ‘be like the others’ remained just as strong, my question became more of a ‘poke’ than innocent curiosity.

Eventually, with my mother’s repeated requests that I just ‘Let it be’ so she could have some peace, I learned to poke less. And though it never meant my mother and I had an easy relationship, it did mean I quit searching for my answers in her and started looking for them in me.

Sometimes, to find our answers we must let grace open our hearts so that we can find peace with the unknown.

The heart always knows.

And sometimes, all the heart wants is for us to “Let It Be” so that Love can have its way.


And… just in case it’s been a while since you watched or listened to the version of Let It Be from one of my all-time favourite movies, Across the Universe, I’m sharing it here.

13 thoughts on “Let It Be And Love Will Have Its Way

  1. Such a gift your Mother was to all of you. I loved how she waited till Christmas Eve to place baby Jesus in the manger and what an impact it had on you. Such wonderful memories of special traditions of Christmas she tirelessly made for your family. Her spirit and love will be with you all this first Christmas without her and in every year hereafter, She raised a beautiful family and her little “brat” grew up to be a very special human being just like her mama. All the goodness she strived to instil in her children paid off and she left this world happy and fulfilled knowing her work was finally done. I so enjoyed your music and blog today……mothers are so special.❤️

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    • It was such a beautiful tradition Val. And yes, she did make many wonderful memories.

      and thank you — in later years I did begin to feel that she was proud of how her little brat had become a woman of substance. Much love and gratitude — and yes, that song is very moving and special, as are mothers like you! ❤


  2. Sending a giant warm hug, Louise!! I loved this post…and I’ve no doubt that your Mom is smiling in heaven because she has the confirmation that all she did…did not go unnoticed!!
    Sweet Blessings…love and light 🧡

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  3. Thank-you for these beautiful memories Louise as I’m so thankful that Mom (and Dad) instilled such special memories for us to keep in our hearts forever. I had (still have) tears after reading and listening to “Let It Be” and also from reading the reply from “Val” which was very touching. Our Christmas will certainly be different this year for many reasons but at the heart is our love for each other. Thank-you for sharing you gift of words with al of us. Much Love, Jackie

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  4. Be still and know – she will send you a sign. As others have echoed “the brat” grew into an exceptional woman. You didn’t have to be like them – you just had to find you and let the rest fall by the wayside. Take care.

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