2021. High On Expectations

Bookmarks — alcohol inks on yupo paper

I originally titled this post – 2020! Need I say more?

But then I wondered… what if it’s not about 2020 anymore? (Which btw it isn’t when I look at the calendar)

What if it’s all about 2021? We (as in the entire planet) sure are expecting a lot from it.

How will it ever live up to our expectations? Especially, if as the saying goes, “Expectations are premeditated disappointments.”

Which got me thinking that perhaps the best thing I can do is to stay out of the field of expectations and instead, water the seeds of Love growing in the garden of my heart.

That garden is the one I must tend to, no matter the season, the times, the weather, the state of the world around me. No matter if Covid beats a hasty retreat and we are free to embrace one another again without fearing the worst, the state of the garden of Love in my heart keeps me rooted in grace and gratitude. It opens me up and brings me into the beauty of this moment in which I find myself breathing freely.

May the garden of your heart be full of beauty growing wild and free in all the colours of the rainbow. May you awaken to Love blossoming with every breath you take.

12 thoughts on “2021. High On Expectations

  1. LG,

    I expect 2021 will be a year of false assumptions, political obfuscation, corporate mistakes, and media over-hype – in other words, just about usual …

    While we are hopeful for a speedy-slowing of the pandemic, we also fear the likelyl reality that it will be too slow in coming and too many people will be carnage medically and/or economically.

    We will do best, methinks, by steeling ourselves for lasting unforeseen difficulties, plan prudently for the difficulties we can see coming – and lift spirits, because most people need their spirits lifted more now than ever. Your painting and poetry life spirits. Keep doing that.

    Happy New Year,


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  2. Beautifully said, my friend.
    And yes, it is up to us to tend to our gardens. When it is filled, then it is easier to share…
    Happy 2021 and all the crazy (I can’t believe it won’t stop yet) to come!

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  3. Your bookmark garden appears to me as a painted heart – your heart – an explosion of vibrant colour and light. It reminds me of one of the earliest posts I wrote on my blog: https://commatology.com/index.php/2014/02/to-paint-a-heart/ (apologies if that comes across as self-promotion). The bookmarks are gorgeous. I hadn’t heard of Yupo paper so I went looking – it’s recyclable plastic? The website is surprisingly vague about what goes into it. But I’m intrigued and will look for some so I can try it. One thing I would like to do in 2021 is play around with art a little bit. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • Oh wow. How lovely it appears to you that way Leslie — thank you.

      And yes, they are very vague about Yupo — I’m pretty sure it’s got some questionable origins but it does lead to some beautiful artwork — it works especially well with Alcohol Inks as the paper won’t absorb them and they dry in vibrant hues on the surface — I don’t work with them a lot butt when I do… I get really excited by what appears!

      Many thanks and Happy New Year! ❤

      And… I think self-promotion is very important. I also love when my words resonate in a way that reminds people of theirs. It's such a beautiful connection.

      and now… I'm off to read your post. Thank you for sharing the linke.


  4. May 2021 bring you an abundance of health, joy, love and wealth! May you sprinkle your gardens with your infinite kindness and caring as you do with your readers and may love blossom, thrive and pollinate to every shore. xo

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