Vision Board 2021

I spent the morning gaining clarity on my path for 2021.

I hosted a session on Zoom on creating a Vision Board with two friends.

As we created, we laughed and chatted and shared stories and sipped our coffees and got glue on our fingers and on everything else too!

And like women gathering at the wekk, we found ourselves in that sacred space that opens up when women come together in community.

A Vision Board is a visual tool that is both metaphorical and literal. With the use of images and words, it helps focus your intention, your desires, your wishes for your life – or one particular area of your life.

For me today, my vision board focused on my ‘creative expressions’. What I want to consider, conceive, and create this year.

Perhaps the most powerful morsel of clarity (which takes a huge bite out of my self-doubt and sometimes confusing thoughts on what I want to do next) is the answer that appeared to the statement – The unifying link between my work and my love for [life is]… Visual Storytelling & Words.


I didn’t know when we began at 9 this morning that I would find that response.

And that’s the beauty of spending three hours individually and collectively focussing on ‘self’ and creating a visual storyboard of ‘what I want more of in my life’ and ‘where will I place my focus?’ this year.

If you haven’t created a Vision Board for 2021 (or ever before) it’s Easy. Fun. Enlightening.

I’ll be creating a ‘cheat sheet’ on how to do it and will post it on my website. Stay tuned! I’ll add the link here when I’m done!

(And that comes from the clarity I gained this morning! How exciting is that!)

Thank you JD and SV for spending the time with me and for inspiring me to focus my attention on the ‘what’ of this year.

12 thoughts on “Vision Board 2021

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve created a vision board, but the last time I did – wow! My life is now what I only dreamed of on that board. It’s a powerful tool and I highly recommend it. Maybe it’s time I made another one. Thanks for this nudge.

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    • It had been a long time for me too Leslie — and like you, the board I’d created has become my reality today. There was such joy and wonder in creating a new one! Though… I did focus more on my creative expression than other areas of my life with this one. It needs the most encouragement I think! ❤

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  2. I confess being a tad jealous. I’m not (technically) adept enough for any such creation but I often read if mood boards etc. And I was just thinking: wow, 3hrs with some great women together, what a beautiful thing that must be…..
    Eagerly awaiting link 😍🤩

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  3. Thank you for sharing your vision board Louise. It’s an inspiration!! I have my own from several years ago … I look at it sometimes to see if there is anything new that comes to mind …. and think to myself it still works for me and where I am now.
    Rather than being temporary, it has become something that I have grown into and now live fully. More than a vision, it represents my life as it is.
    I have so much to be grateful for. 💕

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    • Ahhh…. Gratitude is such an enlivening place to live Val. It fills hearts and minds and souls with the joy to be found in every moment — interesting — the last one I did had sat by my desk for years as well — it was fun to do it, especially post in-the-workplace life and Covid. ❤

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