Is This The Way?

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Prosery prompt: 144 words

Is This The Way

She set out knowing where she was going.

Out the front door, left at the end of the walkway where it joined the main sidewalk, straight through the first intersection then the next. At the third her memory faltered. “Is it right at this one?” she wondered.

That’s when the man standing at the same intersection said, “Turn left.”  

She studied him carefully. Handsome. Kind blue eyes. “Oh yes,” she smiled and said with a girlish laugh. “Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy I doubt the path in front of me.”

“I will walk with you so there is no doubt,” he said as he led her along the street.

“How do you know where I’m going?” she asked.

Gently he guided her and said, “I’m your husband, dear. I’ve been helping you get where you’re going for sixty-two years.”


Dale at A Dalectable Life always inspires me with her ability to reply to writing prompts — particularly those that have a set number of words and a ‘must use’ phrase.

Today, I saw this Prosery Prompt at D’Verse and had to play!

The rules and prompt are:

“Write a story of 144 words or less (not including the title). The story must have a beginning and an end, and should not be poetry. Sounds easy enough right? Here’s the twist: You must use the poetry line I have given you within your story. You may alter the punctuation, but you must use the line in its entirety.”

Today, the chosen line is taken from Spring Azures from the book Wild Geese by Mary Oliver:

‘Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy,’

45 thoughts on “Is This The Way?

  1. A poignant piece to read with my morning coffee. A mini-vignette played out in my mind prompted by the calming photo by Michelle Henderson. My day can now begin. Namaste.

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    • So happy to be a part of your morning coffee and day’s beginning my friend.

      PS — I saw your note. Do not know what is up somedays with WP or technology for that matter! Sigh — at least it changed its mind and let you in! ❤


  2. This so painfully reminded me of my parents. My father gently reminded my mother of the day, the names of her children, the way the stove worked, etc. and when he was gone she was so lost. Your story is poignant and so true of many cases.

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  3. Ha, I was just going to enquire ‘cause I’ve seen and commented on Dale’s post…. You have a totally different approach and one I very much like too. I truly admire the couples where the ‘sounder’ partner is looking out and watching over the weaker party – it’s so life affirming and beautiful.

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  4. This brought tears to my eyes. Having worked with many seniors, I have seen this happen. The love they have for their spouse with dementia or alzheimers is truly a beautiful sight. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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