Do The Hard. You’re Worth It.

Well, that was fascinating!

There I was feeling frustrated and somewhat miffed, blaming the ‘Techie Witch’ for whisking away all my hard-fought-for edits only to discover… they weren’t missing!

It was user error. When I’d opened the file in my video editing software, I hadn’t condensed the video line enough to see all the components in one view.


All I could do was throw my hands up into the air above my head and exclaim as Benjamin Zanders suggests in his wonderful TedTalk, The Transformative Power of Classical Music, “Aren’t I fascinating!”

And get back to editing.

Which is what I did.

Can I take a moment here to pat myself on the back? My friend Jane always tells me I need to acknowledge my accomplishments and not try to pass credit off to others. So… okay. Here I go… I did it and I’m really proud of myself.

I created a 17 minute video of creating one of the paintings for my #ShePersisted Series while filming myself in the act of creating.

I was scared.

I mean, it’s not like I start the process with a clear idea of where I’m going, what the end result will look like.

In fact, I purposefully don’t start that way as I prefer the whole creative process to be more organic, intuitive. An intimate dance with the muse where neither of us leads nor follows. We just flow in and out and all around and up and down ideas pouring out, paint spilling, mistakes becoming integral parts of the whole – where ever the process may lead us.

I do so love that space with the muse. It feels sacred. Honest. Real.

Though I was smiling in my final check-through of the video. I mention at least three times throughout the video how I find it hard to paint faces. And I do. The contours. Shadows. Nuances of painting a face are challenging — but it doesn’t mean I won’t do it.

In fact, just like creating this video was a challenge, painting faces is a challenge I continue to dive into so that I can expand my artistry and confidence.

There are many things in life we think of as ‘hard to do’. Hard to do is not an invitation to not do something. It’s an invitation to dive deeper into ‘the hard’ and find your rhythm, your stride, allowing your courage to open you up to new dimensions you never imagined.

I’m really proud of myself for creating this video. It was hard work. It was fun. It was rewarding.

And it expanded my video-creating abilities as well as my proficiency and confidence with the software and the medium. Big win/wins everywhere in all of that!

And here’s the other thing, last night when I finished, I asked C.C. if he’d watch it. He said yes, even after I told him it was 17 minutes long.

What was interesting was, inside me was this little voice hissing, “Don’t make him sit and watch it Louise. He’ll be so bored…”

I kept watching his face throughout his viewing and he never looked bored – though I did keep having to quiet the ‘don’t make him watch it’ voice.

And I wonder, where else in my life do I diminish my creations by underplaying how important it is to me that I share it with those who are important to me? Where else do I want to play small?

Great questions that make wonderful grist for the mill of deepening my knowing of what it means to live this one precious life with all the colours of the rainbow shimmering in the light of my presence.

And btw, when C.C. reached the end of the video he looked at me with eyes wide-open and said, “I am so proud of you. That is incredible.”

Insert happy heart dance. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Do The Hard. You’re Worth It.

  1. Whet an incredible 17 minutes I have just spent. Stepped away from the kitchen where I was making soups to a wonderful world of creating beauty from nothing. You are an inspiration, merci ma Cherie!

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    • Thank you dear Kelley! And yes, it most definitely does! Dang, that little voice can be so annoying! Just shows how important it is to turn to it and say, “I see you. I hear you. I love you. Now… move over honey ’cause I’m flyin’!” 🙂 ❤

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  2. Congratulations – what a great video Louise. It was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed watching how you actually make one of your paintings along with the superb commentary. I find it fascinating to to view how you threw so many colours together and then seeing the incredible finished product. You are such a very talented lady.👍👏

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    • Thank you so much Val. I’m so appreciative of your watching it and commenting it — and enjoying it! 🙂 I’m smiling by the way — I’m also listening to Gloria Gaynor so it’s a pretty grand moment! 🙂 ❤ – and, isn't it amazing how one connection can lead to a friendship I hope continues on and on and on — and once 'this' is over, that we can get together for that cup of tea or glass of wine!


  3. Wow, your video was amazing and I’m blown away by how you are not only artistically clever but that you are able to do the video with all of its technical know how. Bravo little sis – very proud of you!! Much Love, Jackie

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  4. Excellent job of persisting. It is a great video.
    I also loved these questions in your post, “Where else in my life do I diminish my creations by underplaying how important it is to me that I share it with those who are important to me? Where else do I want to play small?”
    Keep going my friend.

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