Rapper Top Dawg Beau (an SWB post)

Beaumont: I don’t get it Louise.

Me: Get what Beau?

Beau: Well… Morning has broken / I’m awoken / and you’re sitting at your desk / putting my patience to the test.

Me: Are you trying to be funny?

Beau: Who me? I’m just trying to use words creatively to get your attention.

Me: I don’t like rhyming couplets. I don’t write in them. I don’t think you should speak in them thus forcing me to type them.

Beau: Hey Louise. When the muse calls… I follow.

Me: Don’t you go throwing my words back at me, Beau.

…… To read the rest, and to check out Beau’s rad rappin’ style, (ok. so it’s not that rad and is quite bad but hey! he’s a dawg… 🙂 ) (and yes, I know that was my (pretty bad) attempt to rap) but seriously, there’s lots of fun at Sundays with Beaumont today so c’mon over to his place – you know what to do…. just click HERE…

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