Love Makes It So

I don’t often share a link to another person’s post without first writing about whatever is awoken within me by what another has written.

This morning. I’m changing it up. Mostly because… Brian Pearson’s lastest post, “Justice on the Journey” rings so deeply true within me, I feel compelled to offer it up for everyone else to read.

I hope you read it and come back to comment — I’d love to know how it resonates with you.

His opening paragraph grabbed me and just kept pulling me inward to the bare truth of his final statement,

"The spiritual journey requires us to be as engaged with the wounds of the world as with our own wounds. Justice, in other words, is part of the journey. And love makes it so."

Please do go have a read – CLICK HERE.


About the photos — The top photo was taken when my daughters were 3 and 4ish. We were on the way to a wedding and the girls were so excited to see the bride! I share it because ultimately, it is only Love that protected and carried us through out lives to this day where my relationship with my daughters is the one I’ve always dreamed of – and as this is our anniversary week… here is one from our wedding where I was the bride and my daughters walked me down the aisle and C.C.s son and daughter did the same for him. (Photo by Ross Tabalada)

16 thoughts on “Love Makes It So

    • Yes — I think it is that interdependency that gets missed too often. I think it is what I find challenging after working in not-for-profit for almost 20 years and then the pandemic which inhibited outward efforts to be of service. Such a delicate balance. Thanks my friend. ❀


    • I so agree Bernie — and I think you’ve really touched on why I’ve struggled with ‘relevance’ over the past year. There’s this thin jittery thread of a thought that whispers insidiously… what’s the point?

      Thank you for your comment. I too have forgotten.


      • But then it begs the question – how do we safely engage in the world? How do we make a difference and yet stay safe? I originally felt like cocooning was the answer but I just feel more unsettled now. Trying to take a few days off from the social media and from Covid news watching but even that seems like a challenge.

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      • It is such a tough question! I recently was invited to join the board of an organization that focuses on shifting perceptions of aging through film. The meetings are currently all via zoom and that seems safe. Which has the advantage of giving me a sense of looking outward to make what I know within make a difference and that helps. And yes, I too keep taking time out form social media and news watching but then… well… I begin to feel even more antsy as if not knowing means there’s a catastrophe waiting to befall us that I don’t know of. My husband says, “Worrying doesn’t change anything,” and I know he’s right but there are moments…. Many hugs Bernie. Thanks for listening and being part of the conversation. it feels less like I’m the only one when I engage in conversations like today’s and yesterday’s.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Brian’s post. Resonates with me in a powerful way. I appreciate and am pondering his distinction between soul and spirit as one way of differentiating our yearning for the inward journey yet being of this world as well and wanting to make a difference, to have purpose. πŸ’ž

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    • I too found that a very soothing and intriguing differentiation Vivianne. I find as I ‘age’ that I am even more committed to making a difference – yet in this past year have struggled with my ‘relevance’ as we’ve been so sequestered. Brian’s post gave me a sense of calm and hope! many hugs my friend. ❀


  2. Thanks for sharing Louise. So many sages were monks rather than householders. They chose to step away from the world. We on the other hand have duty to support the world on our path. β€œLove makes it so β€œ πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ’•

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    • Ah yes — the stepping away from the world. Whenever I try that, I find myself in even greater distress! Like you, I believe we have a duty to support the world on our path (love that framing Val) thank you! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  3. Brian’s post is “an island in a mass of confusion”. The confusion caused by the swirling waters of pandemic pandemonium, global political upheaved, turmoil simmering just below the boiling point. Brian’s “island” is one of reasoned perspective on how to reconcile one’s own inner stress while acknowledging that the world too needs help and that we are all in this together.
    We certainly have had, continue to have, lots of time to think, contemplate. Brian has given us a different approach on how to deal with what is happening within our sphere as it interacts with the world. My takeaway is I can control my sphere and its safety, while at the same time help those around my sphere by listening to the science and doing my bit (no need to go into details, we all know what they are) to help those outside my sphere to be safe. Thank you.
    The photo is delightful, such a pleasure to see the love that you show is as strong, if not stronger, today.

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    • I like your take-away Iwona. So true.

      And your comment re the photos is thought-provoking. it makes me wonder…. does love grow stronger or do we grow stronger in our capacity to expand our exprience of it? Hmmmm…… But yes. I think it is stronger. ❀


  4. This really is beautiful Louise. These words speak deeply to this current time. By steadying ourselves not to reject the outer world we are here to make our “offering of healing and peace”. 🀍 Thank you for sharing this.


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