What if… It ain’t happening ‘to’ you but FOR you?

Nature is full of natural balance that it shares freely. To find your balance, spend time in nature.” Learning to Fly art journal spread. Mixed media on scrap paper

“Find value in all things.”

In this case, the opportunity (and challenge) was to use the page I tore out of my art journal the day before, (because I didn’t like it) in a way that brought beauty and meaning to a new spread in a way that pleased me.

Along with moving me beyond the ‘3C’s’ of negativity, it’s a self-imposed, ‘reuse, recycle, reduce’ way of art-making.

Like the boxes and drawers and bins in my studio filled with scraps of paper and ephemera – As a mixed media artist everything has possibility. From the junk mail flyer to a receipt to the strip torn off a page of newsprint I’ve painted to the frayed ribbon wrapped around a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar I got as a gift from friends – there is creative potential in it all.

Like us. From the frayed and tattered dreams we carry tucked away in a deep corner of our hearts to the wounds and scars we cover up with layers of smiles and idle chatter or misdirected anger, to the wonder and awe that seeps out through our tears in the most unpredictable and untimely moments – there is creative potential for new life in it all.

What will you do with the forgotten pieces? The hidden gems of your soul?

Yesterday, as I walked with Beaumont through the woods and sat on a rock at the river’s edge and watched the sun fairies dance on the water and the rocks shimmer with the light caressing them where they lay on the river’s bed, I thought about my ‘mistake’ from the day before. “What do you have to teach me?” I asked the sky and the air, the trees and the river flowing steadily past.

“You will never know until you look beyond ‘the mistake’ to see its infinite possibilities,” whispered the wind and the trees, the sky and the air and the river.

When I got home, I stepped into my studio, picked up ‘my mistake’ and let its possibilities become my guide.

I stepped away from expectation and my querulous asking of, “Why did I mess it up?” to shift into that place where instead of thinking, “Why did this happen to me?” I stayed open to the possibility it was happening for me.

That’s when wonderment and awe seeped onto the page.

It was a great lesson for life. Step away from keeping myself mired in the victim’s place of thinking ‘bad stuff’ happens ‘to’ me to sink deeply into wonderment of its true value by asking myself, ‘What does this happening have to teach me? What gem will it hold that will enrich my way of being present in my life?”

I hope you try it. The next time something happens that feels heavy and ‘wrong’ or you feel you’ve made a mistake… I hope you try stepping away from the ‘why is this happening ‘to’ me’ to “What does this happening have ‘for’ me?”

I hope when you do that doors of possibility fly open and you are flooded with the delightful awareness that you are not a victim of circumstances. You are an instrument of life full of limitless possibilities!

And when stuck. Go spend time in nature. Nature always offers up a myriad of opportunities to see beyond ‘the yuck’ into the value of all things. Including your pain and woes, trials and sorrow, missteps and mistakes.

And in that space, miracles abound, magic expands and the unfathomable mysteries of your life unfold in wonder and awe.


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