Frost Kissed Skies

In deference to autumn’s chilly morning temps, I have been bundling up on my morning walks with Beaumont the Sheepadoodle lately. Nighttime temperatures have been sinking below freezing. Frost covers the ground.

But, in one final gasp of bravado, I attempt to defy Mother Nature. I haven’t pulled out the remains of summer from the garden. Yet.

I don’t think Mother Nature cares. She just keeps doing her thing.

Which, in the case of this city at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains north of the 49th parallel, is to sprinkle autumn mornings with hints of winter days to come.

Resistance is futile.

Mother Nature will always have her way.

And Mother Nature’s way is always full of beauty and wonder.

13 thoughts on “Frost Kissed Skies

  1. Mother Nature has her whims. A few weeks ago the Middle Kingdom had a few nights of frost warnings so the summer clothes did a switcheroo with the fall/winter attire et voila! Summer daytime temps returned and I keep heading to the second closet to get lighter attire. Works every time. I am convinced if I had NOT done the big switcheroo, the cold temps would have remained for the duration. Oh, did I tell you I have some land in Florida for sale?
    Love the poem, the photo. Winter fruit is my fave season for I finally get to hibernate in the stillness of white as it blankets Mother Earth, keeping us safe.

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  2. I read this lovely poem and text and know that the frost is coming our way but not today. Today it is 21 degrees Celsius in Montreal and there is a disconnect in my brain as I view the leaves on the ground while walking the dogs in only a teeshirt. Nevertheless, I left a message at the garage for an appointment to put my winter tires on. Resistance is indeed futile! πŸ™‚

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  3. may I join the jolly choir of lauding the winter to come? No, I won’t – yet…. Our nights are pretty crisp too but during the day we still get by with a heavy wool jacket over long-sleeved T’s, so that’s alright for now. We’ll be a bit higher up in the pre-mountains next week and I’ve just spoken to our hosts where we rent an appartment and was told that yes, it had snowed already – to my shock as we haven’t changed to our winter wheels yet. In fact we were still waiting for summer to come πŸ˜‰
    Your pic & poem are delightful and ring so true, dear friend. Thank You – and a special bonus for ME is always to find so many of my virtual friends on the same blogs, time and time again! Greetings to all.

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    • One thing about winter… it will come my friend! In its own time. It just likes to ease its way in here — ensuring we don’t get too attached to any certain temperature or expectation of a snow-free season! πŸ™‚

      And yes — that is lovely isn’t it – to see virtual friends in all sorts of places!

      Hugs to you beautiful heart.<3

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