The Trip of Mis-Matched Names

I am sitting at Calgary Airport waiting to board a flight to Vancouver which last night, I was not so sure I’d be able to get on.

All because my Alberta Health Card (hence my vaccination QR code card) has my first two names backwards.

The computer masterminding their online system doesn’t like anomalies so booted me out.

An hour later, I got off the phone with Westjet without any resolution. The attendant on the phone was very nice and as helpful as she could be, but there was nothing she could do.

“I’m sorry,” she said after searching yet another file for a solution. “You’ll just have to go to the airport and hope they let you through.”

Which they did. The check-in agent was amazingly helpful and reassuring. “It’s okay,” he said. “You’ve got a printed QR code for me to verify it’s really you! No problem.”

And it was done.

So now, I sit with my latte in a still quiet airport with an hour and a half to kill.

Much better than having to turn around and go home and try to get it fixed with Alberta Health. Have you ever tried calling their offices?

Yeah. I’ll take Westjet any day.

But then…. I’m going to have to go through the same rigamarole coming back. On second thought… maybe I will attempt to enter the lair of the AB Health phone system!

12 thoughts on “The Trip of Mis-Matched Names

  1. If it’s as bad as the Sask Health Line you would never get through and they don’t return calls and their on line crashes ALL the time. Just enjoy your time and hope for the same on the way home. And ENJOY your time with the precious littles

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  2. I know the problem too. In France authorities just wouldn’t ‘file’ me under my married name but – as it is normal in France – under my maiden name. THEN they could never find me later on because in all my official documents I’m listed under my married name….. Nightmares galore and no end to it.
    Hope for you that, on your return, you’ll find an equally generous and understanding controlling officer. And get that bxxxy wrongly cited document cleared up. Maybe you’ll have to stand on their doorstep at opening hour in the morning….
    But please do enjoy every minute of your stay – these precious moments are short and won’t last. So make the most of them.


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