Solstice Morn ( a poem for Peace. Love. & Joy.)

Bundled up against the chill of this December 21st morning, Beaumont the Sheepadoodle and I head out for our early morning walk beneath the glow of the full moon waning.

It is still quiet at this early hour. A few cars. No pedestrians. Upriver, unseen, I hear geese squawking and chattering where they huddle on an ice island stretched out along a gravel bar close to the river’s edge.

It is in these early morning walks, my boots crunching on the snow, my breath forming an ethereal misty cloud in the air around me, that I feel the unfathomable mysteries of life moving deeply through and within me, connecting me to the wonder and awe of it all.

It is here I feel wholly immersed within the joyful embodiment of this precious moment full of life’s delicate, mystical enchantment.

It is here I feel one within the presence of the sacred nature of all of life.

It is here I awaken.



On Sunday evening I joined in a Solstice celebration in the enchanted forest of Kerry Parson’s magical backyard haven.

We stood around a fire and bid farewell to the things that no longer serve us and welcomed-in the light.

The word for 2022 that arrived for me from the depths of the fire within was Transformation.

I am enthralled. Excited. Beguiled by its possibilities.

13 thoughts on “Solstice Morn ( a poem for Peace. Love. & Joy.)

  1. oh wow…. I never grasped the meaning of a Solstice – now I think I might!!!! Letting go of what no longer serves us and welcoming the light. That will need a bit of thinking, which I shall do after my return from the choir rehearsal !

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