It Is What It Is – an SWB post

C.C. remains in hospital — we’re hoping he’s home today or tomorrow. His ward is on lockdown still due to Covid and Beau wishes I could throw the ball better.

Amazing how sometimes it just takes a dawg’s wisdom to put the world back in perspective.

He does hope you come and join him on his blog today for a bit of relief from this arctic weather (if like us it’s been sub-Arctic for days) or just for a light-hearted chat about life and what is. Just click HERE to hop on over to Sundays with Beaumont.

6 thoughts on “It Is What It Is – an SWB post

  1. Dear Beau! I feel your angst and frustration that all your hoomans are not with you. You know that C.C. would prefer to be with you however, notwithstanding the Covid issue, he is in a good place to get better so he can spend quality time with you. This too shall pass and life will resume to a sense of chaotic normalcy.


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