Enough with the excuses

Over at Beaumont’s blog I’m in the dawghouse — apparently, posting his blog in the afternoon on Sunday doesn’t cut it…

Beaumont: Louise. My fans are waiting.

Me: I’ve been busy.

Beau: You’ve been up since forever and you still haven’t gotten to my blogpost.

Me: I told you. I’ve been busy.

Beau: Enough with the excuses. I’m looking for results. And I’m not seeing any.

Me: Well… I worked for three hours this morning on a submission for a writing competition I’m entering. I took you to the park. I went for groceries. That’s a lot of results.

Beau: Not when the only result that counts is posting my blog.

Me: There’s more to life than your blog Beau.

Beau: Not on Sundays.

He sure hopes you come and read the rest (CLICK HERE) — he’s got a real sweet little love note for all his fans! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Enough with the excuses

  1. Hi Beau,Love you sense of hum. Don’t be so hard on Louise. We all get old you too.Take care both of you.♥️😋😊😃 Cristl 

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