Monday Morning Moments (and Happy 34 + a Day to my Daughter)

The wind howls. Beaumont the Sheepadoodle paces nervously. I wrap his ‘thunder-blanket’ jacket around his body, he goes back to bed with his dad.

The morning is quiet. Except for the howling wind. Seeds sleep deep beneath the still-frozen ground, dreaming of blossoms yet to flourish. Winter is not yet done.

34 years ago plus a day, my youngest daughter was one day old.

A friend and I were reminiscing about Liseanne’s arrival the other day. It was not the way I wanted it to be. I wanted to be awake and couldn’t be. My water had broken earlier in the morning of the 29th. I didn’t want to say anything. The nurses were on strike and I was scheduled for a C-Section in two weeks. I wanted to wait until the strike was over so I could have an epidural.

When I finally called my gynecologist’s office, he told me nature never waits. “Get thee to the hospital!”

There was a thought she might be able to come into the world naturally, but it wasn’t to be. Twenty-four hours later, she came into this world while I slept, a silent partner to the miracle of her arrival.

It would be several hours later before I held her. I’ve never wanted to let her go since.

Perhaps it’s because of her arrival into a world of strangers, Liseanne has never been afraid. Of anyone or anything. Nor has she ever backed down from speaking truth, protecting the underdog, fighting for justice for those who need help finding their voice. Taking care of all creatures with her beautiful, caring heart wide-open.

Liseanne is Funny, Fair and Fabulous. She treats everyone with dignity and respect, always lending a hand to a friend, or stranger, in need.

And through it all, she lightens even the darkest day with her love, light and laughter.

I’d like to think everything good about her she got from me, but that would be pure hubris and just not true.

Throughout her life she has been surrounded by loving family and friends. And, throughout her life, she has excelled at keeping the bonds of love tightly woven together so that no one feels outside her circle, no one feels alone.

My youngest daughter is 34-years-old plus a day today and the strands of love that bind our hearts together, grow always stronger.

And, as she would say, ’cause she is also very, very witty and quick to insert a pointed quip (ok sarcastic offering) when she thinks I’m getting too mushy… “You slept through my coming into this world and missed my first birthday because you were off skiing down a mountainside at some remote backcountry lodge, it’s okay, I’ll forgive you. Some day.”

Actually, she would tell you she’d never say something like that. Too many words. Her wit is short and sweet – and her forgiveness is never in question.

It’s who she is. Loving. Caring. And so very accepting of all my human (and motherly) flaws.

Though… she does still like to remind me about missing her first birthday! (In my defense, we were to have gotten out of the backcountry lodge the day before her birthday but a blizzard blew in and the helicopter that was to come and retrieve us was grounded for two days!)

I am so very grateful to have the joy of celebrating all her birthdays since.

Liseanne is 34 + a day today. And as she has done every day since coming into this world on her own terms, she makes this world a better, more loving place, in her own fabulous and unique way.

Happy Birthday + a day Liseanne!

Oh dear… I just realized… she probably will think I didn’t post about her on her birthday because… well I posted Beaumont’s blog instead.

Sigh, I can hear her now… “Yup. Knew it. You love Beaumont best.” 🙂

LOL. And I reply, “You taught me well. Do the unexpected. Life’s more fun that way!

12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Moments (and Happy 34 + a Day to my Daughter)

  1. I couldn’t stop smiling, reading this. But I also feel it a bit unjust to have such a perfect relationship when most of us struggle to stay half-loved by our children. Your union sounds so wonderful, your child so perfect, the photos you show are so über-beautiful, I just feel a tad overwhelmed by all of this…. In a good way of course 😉
    I’m just back from a short hospital stay and hope to find the ‘rest’ and ‘be-time’ to grab a few bites off your blog, to nourish and spoil my soul with the goodness of your ‘now’ life and share the bounty and beauty with you and your glorious family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Kiki! I’m so sorry to read you were in hospital. I do hope you’re well on the road to recovery.

      I have been blessed with my daughters Kiki — perhaps because we went through those years of turmoil and had to rebuild our relationship from ground zero, it gave us space to be über-human. In that humanity, there’s so much room for flaws to be loved and wounds to heal.

      Much gratitude for you my friend — and sending you love and healing light. ❤

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