This is Life! Don’t ya’ Love it!

True confessions. I have a compulsive streak.

It is both my ally and my enemy.

Getting the job done? That’s me. Getting the job so it’s good enough… Well… let’s just say ‘the good enough’ is always a challenge. Somewhere in me is a voice that insists… it’s not good enough… yet.

It’s a mind game.

Keep going ’cause better is out there somewhere. Or, choose to accept good enough is exactly that. Good enough. ‘Cause seriously… how much time are you willing to devote to this thing that should have been done yesterday?

And, I gotta admit, … there are times when that green-eyed monster named ‘Mis-Envy’ rolls in and leaves me breathlessly chasing the goal of being what I think is ‘normal’ (based on some ridiculous child-derivative notion that normal exists) so that I can accept ‘good enough’ as good enough.

Now, in some things, living by the adage, “If better is possible is good, good enough?” is both laudable and important.

But, when the pursuit of ‘a possible better’ consumes your peace of mind and sense of well-being, perhaps a re-thinking/attitude adjustment is in order.

Like me and the non-fiction piece I’m writing editing… editing.. .editing.

It’s just not ‘good enough’. Yet.

What if…

And then, my love of ‘what ifs’ becomes the gateway to total consumption of my life balance, homeostasis, and whatever beauty is embodied within this moment right now.

Ya. That kind of ‘better is possible’ thinking.

But… I am almost done. I say almost because I’ve reordered the story. Stripped out characters, streamlined events to make the story more impactful and meaningful within the competition’s 2,000-word limit.

And now, I’m fine-tuning each scene to… ya, you guessed it… make it perfect. Sigh, I can be soooo human sometimes! she says with a smile at her own fascinating response to whatever she’s doing that bemuses her and makes her laugh.

I’m almost there.

And here’s the thing…

Writing this piece has reawakened my love of writing. Not just daily blog writing, from which I’ve been woefully absent over the past month as I crafted and recrafted my article.

No, I mean the ‘here’s the story, let me draw you in and string you along until we reach a denouement and you breathe a sigh of contentment, relief, release as the characters come to a conclusive scene that says, “This is Life! Don’t ya’ love it!”‘

Ya. That kind of writing.

That kind of being alive.


This post is also in response to the word prompt at the lovely Eugi’s Causerie Your Weekly Prompt –Envy – February 15, 2022

It didn’t start out that way — and that’s the great joy of this space. If the shoeIf the words fit, write it.

13 thoughts on “This is Life! Don’t ya’ Love it!

  1. Lesson of life: Good enough is NEVER good enough for the creator whether they be artist, writer, sculpter, quilter, maker of anything. So, put on your BIG GIRL pants, take a deep breath and put pen down, or in this case, fingers off the keyboard. There is such a thing as over-editing and that is when “Mis-Envy” just may get the upper-hand. Been there, done that, learned my lesson.

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  2. I can so relate to this! I was brought up to always do better. It’s hard not to try to rise above the “do the best you can”. My mother would say do the best you can and even better. Thank you for joining in, Louise.

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    • Thank you Kelley — my husband asked me last night, after another few hours of editing… “Aren’t you finished yet?”

      I replied — It won’t be finished until I submit! πŸ™‚

      “You know, your best is good enough.” he said.

      And I replied, (she says laughing at herself again), “Yeah. well I’m the one who determines when my best is good enough and I haven’t got there yet!” πŸ™‚

      Tee hee!

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  3. I was wondering how your story was coming. I am excited to read it at some point. I understand the editing process as it relates to landscape quilting – when is enough enough? Same as your painting. Too much can literally be too much. Bernie

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