Grief Is Messy

Grief is Messy…

Grief Is Messy
 by Louise Gallagher
 Grief is messy.
 It follows no well-known path
 travelling to the beat
 of its own drum
 pushing through boundaries
 you frantically put in place
 to keep its presence at bay.
 Grief is stealthy
 It dresses up in familiar clothing
 masquerading as your best friend
 while it steals your identity
 encroaching on the spaces
 of your heart
 you desperately want to avoid
 There is no taming grief.
 There is only its heavy cloak
 of companionship
 wearing you down
 until one day
 you find yourself arriving at that place
 where moments spent wrapped
 in grief’s company
 die away
 as softly as the sweet melody
 of the voice
 of the one who is gone
 fading into memory. 

I re-post this today in honour of my mother who took her last breath on this day, two years ago.

14 thoughts on “Grief Is Messy

  1. Much Love to you.
    Grief indeed is a companion, inescapable until it passes through. I love your beautiful poem and how it assures of the gentleness available to rest into, after it is done being heavy and densely taking up spaces of our identity.

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