Let Us Not Forget The Mothers

On this International Women’s Day let us not forget the mothers. The ones who are fleeing war-torn lands, their children’s hands gripped firmly in theirs as they navigate the uncertain terrains they must cross to reach safety.

These women are not feeling the war. They are building the future for all humankind by taking the children out of the line of fire.

They are future-makers, memory-keepers and peace-makers.

They carry with them the memories that make lives rich. Traditions handed down through generations. Recipes passed from one mother to the next. They carry the scars on their bodies of childbirth, of watching their sons go off to war, of burying their children before their time, of moving through exhaustion and fear to care for those who cannot care for themselves. And always, despite the hardships they’ve endured, the losses they’ve experienced, the fear their children would not make it to safety, they carry with them, Love.

It is the courage of these women to love in times of war and unspeakable losses and fear and turmoil as they struggle to get their children to safety that will carry us beyond the tragedy of these days so that one day we can all stand united in peace, together in Love.

11 thoughts on “Let Us Not Forget The Mothers

  1. I read a first hand account of being forced from Ukraine in 1938 and how the mother was forced to seperate from her children. She ended up in Russia for years and her kids ended up in Canada. They searched and searched and were finally able to find her and get her to Canada about 18 years after they last saw her. Ripped apart. The mothers who, during the Second World War, sent their children overseas away from England and didn’t see them again for 4-6 years. And now mothers in Syria and Afghanistan living in horrendous conditions trying to bring up their children. Add the amount of Ukrainian women fleeing with their children and leaving their husbands to fight. Courage such as most of us have never had to muster up. Bernie


  2. These very brave women and courageous souls – such beautiful tributes to all of the women on this International Women’s Day – may they survive the brutality and hardships they are facing with their husbands and children and find the peace and serenity they so need and deserve. Thank you Louise and BernieLynne for your very touching words and story.

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